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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back to Boxing

So back to boxing last night! Here's what we got up to! I'm buzzing to be back in the gym, I can't wait to get in the ring either... I could have gone to do some sparring tonight but I ended up sorting some stuff out with Mike and decided it was probably best to wait too 'cause it was at another club and I'm not quite looking my best yet... Want to get a reputation for myself for being a good, strong, gutsy boxer not a tired boxer haha

Warm up
3 x 3 min Skip (1min break)
8 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min break)
1 x 3 min pads (so good, but so tiring haha and my legs were dead but I found some power... I would like to think I'd be stronger if I hadn't run a half on Sunday!)
Circuit... this circuit has got even more awesome since I last went!
  • Medicine ball sit-ups - twist each side and one in the middle
  • bar bell over the shoulder (it's a barbell with a heavy weight on one end and the other end is on the floor, you kind of punch it from one shoulder to the other... couldn't find a picture and my attempts to draw one on paint were no more helpful I'm afraid..)
  • Medicine ball rugby pass (to the wall and catch, 2 hands alternating each side of the body.. kind of scared I was going to drop the ball and knock someone out... I didn't luckily!!)
  • Resistance band punches (jab)
  • Resistance band punches (straight)
  • Resistance band punches (uppercuts)
  • Resistance band punches (hooks)
  • Jumping on to blocks with 5kg medicine ball (I only managed the first two... last one was too high and since I almost bottled the first I didn't try it yet but give me some time I'll be leaping on to that thing don't worry ;-) I was so scared of falling on my bum in this one haha)
  • Jumps over benches
  • Jumps over piled up steps with some push-ups at the end (yeah this section FRIED my already dead legs haha)
  • Front of neck press (think I used 10kg)
  • Shrugs (used 10kg e/a I think)
  • Bent over row (think I used 10kg...)
  • Back of neck press (7.5kg for this I think...)
  • Squats and lunges (25kg I think)
  • hook type thing with barbell (this is similar to the other barbell exercise I couldn't describe haha weights on one end, other end on the floor and hook from one side to the other)
  • Raised calf extensions
and collapse! We did a minute on each station and I must admit my heart sank a little when the coach said we were doing it again it was tough... he was joking though hehe I like to work hard but I wasn't disappointed when he was joking haha not sure I could have taken another round!

Finished with about 15 mins abs and a cool down

My body feels beat up today but in a good way! I'm still sore from the half too, bending down to get in the meds trolley at work I'm groaning like an old lady and needing to pull myself back up haha.. Don't think that will stop me boxing tomorrow night though! Thought I was on a late but on an early so get me to the gym :D

Hope you all had a happy hump day!


  1. Wow, what a workout! It looks like a MUCH more hardcore version of the Boxercise class I sometimes do at the gym, but I can't take it too often as it's so high impact and my knees are shot from running :P

    I'm not surprised you're exhausted after that, but in a good way, as you say :)


  2. Awesome! You sound so excited to be back at the boxing. Love that.

  3. Wow brilliant workout well done.
    And yeah, take it easy on yourself- you did do that half really quick too.

  4. Wow that is one awesome workout! I quite fancy trying some kind of circuit like that it sounds so hardcore! Glad your happy to be back at the gym :-)

  5. That is one hell of a workout on a normal day let alone a few days after running a half!!!!!!! Respect :-)

  6. I always feel quite inspired when I read about what you've been up to (: