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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Recap

May goals
Maintain April Mileage fail
Stick to this bl**dy push-up program!! fail
Eat enough to train fail
Run three times a week fail

Oh no....

May totals
Push-ups - 60
Miles - 24.1

Hmm... Well it's not been a great month, eating hasn't been too good. But I'm not too unhappy with it. I feel like I could have relapsed a lot harder and although I've lost weight I'm only borderline underweight at the moment according to BMI (even though I don't give that too much value..) I haven't run anywhere near as much as I'd have liked and I feel really unprepared for this half.. My eating has been too erratic and I have made myself sick a few times, to be honest, I've been worried about passing out when I'm out there running... Also I had a nasty throat infection and have been partying a little too much... But being out there with my friends is helping me through a rough time and it won't be forever! I'm planning a detox after my hols hehe I'm trying to not be too hard on myself, although looking at my goals May was a total fail, but hey, I knew Mike and I were having problems but I never could have predicted things were going to end.. I always thought we'd work through them, we had always been so strong together but I guess some things just aren't meant to be and all I can do now is move forward and get on with my life and that is thoroughly what I intend to do..

On the plus side of May..
  • I managed one 10 miler, in a not too fast time, but hey.. that gives me confidence I'll cross the finish line on Sunday!
  • I booked a holiday with one of my best mates
  • I've been getting more senior shifts at work
  • I've committed myself to getting back in a boxing gym, one with really good training which I only left 'cause Mike fell out with the coach..
  • I've been trying really hard with my food and could have relapsed a lot harder than I am doing
And I'm not going to be depressing and go into the many cons! Life's too short!

Hope your May was better than mine!


June goals

Finish the Allerthorpe half marathon - probably now unattainable sub goal was to get my time in under 2hrs which I have acheived in training but....
Try not to lose anymore weight
Get back in that boxing gym


  1. hi laura!! here's to june. you're so hard on yourself!!! do what you can, when you can, right? :) at the end of the day we should feel good. i hope you can do lots and lots of things that make you feel your best and make you happy. i don't think i know what your hobbies are other than the training stuff!!! what kinds of other things do you enjoy doing? xoxo

  2. We are here for you!!! You can and will get through this!!!

  3. Life really is too short for all the cons. Gotta keep those positives in the forefront! Can't wait to hear about your vacation.

  4. Ooh a holiday sounds great!
    And like you say, you have had a hard month so you have done well to focus on the positives. Onwards and upwards

  5. Good that you ended by looking at the positives, knowing that things could have been worse and that you avoided it is great. Hope you don't detox too much though! Lets look forward to June anyway, onward and upward!

  6. God it's been such a tough month for you, I think you're quite right to feel pleased about these positives. Even without the ED it is tough post break-up -- the eating, lapses in training, partying etc are all totally normal responses. Like you say, I think you've done a great job not relapsing harder. And I also appreciate the honesty on your blog. Keep trucking Laura. Next month will be better :)

  7. Don't be too tough on yourself: I think a lot of people resort to their chosen coping mechanisms during times of such high stress. That you've been able to minimise your restrictive tendencies took a lot of resolve. On my end of the eating scale, such trauma would have had me burying my face in the peanut butter jar (or jars).

    I hope things pick up for June and you're able to keep yourself healthy and strong.



  8. WOWzerz you've had a tough month! June is going to ROCK! Although you always seem to pull through rocking! =)

  9. You've done pretty well with all that going on ... roll on a fab JUNE!