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Friday, 17 June 2011

Lots More Boxing

Went boxing again on Wednesday after a rather lazy day sitting down lots as it was my only day off out of 17 days... damn overtime why did I agree to you! Coupled with the fact my sleeping pattern has been destroyed lately - bed at 1 to wake up at 5.30 for work knackered straight after work then wide awake when I need to sleep.. I hope this stress goes soon, I really am not good on any less than 7.5 hours!! I needed to get my feet up! I spent the day thinking about some very exciting ideas... I promise I'll tell you more soon but October promises to be a good month - keep your diaries free!

Anyway, back to the boxing!
Usual warm up - jogging round the gym, few sprints, few tuck jumps, lots of stretches...
Then we went for a run, out of approx 20 male boxers I made it back 4th.. I was well pleased with myself! Maybe they weren't trying as hard as me but I was happy anyway! I'm guessing it was 1.5-2 miles... not sure really, only a quicky!
We did some partner drills after the run.. that's when it all started to go down hill for me.. I felt like I had absolutely no co-ordination tonight, I was slow and sluggish and I just wasn't getting it right. Really frustrating!
4 x 3 min heavy bag
10 mins core work (owwwwwwwww really got to me tonight!)
Cool down

And being a glutton for punishment as I am after finishing my early shift today I went home chilled for a bit with Roxie my doggy... rather old picture... need to take some new ones!
Anyway, after having some Roxie cuddles and then taking her for a walk I got myself ready to go back to boxing... and so long as I don't completely flake out I plan on doing the same tomorrow! I can have a lie in before my late shift on Saturday!

Warm-up inc jogging, tuck jumps and stretches
Sprint drills (this was fun!)
8 x 3 min heavy bag/shadow alternating (1 min rest)

Partner drills with medicine ball
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is sat on the floor, person B lies down, touches medicine ball on floor behind head, does sit-up and throws back to person A. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is kneeling on the floor, person B throws back, drops straight down into push-up then back up ready to catch again. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • A & B stand back to back and pass the medicine ball from side to side 15 times each side x 2.
More core!! After last nights core this didn't hurt as much as I was expecting but it did hurt haha I expect to be sore tomorrow.. that kind of sore when you dread someone making you giggle... and I happen to be on shift with a girl who cracks me up all the time tomorrow! Oh well! It'll be better than being down in the dumps as I have been so often lately... I'm still so up and down... One day I'm fine and feeling like it's the right decision and the next I just feel so fed up.. I really can't wait to go on holiday and get away from 'normal' life for a while! At least going back boxing has given me something to focus on... now all I need to do is keep my running up and sort my eating out and I'll be well on the way to sorted!


  1. That does sound like a hard workout (all yours do) and no wonder you found it hard if you have not been sleeping and you have been working so much. Hope you don't laugh too much today!

  2. Sounds like the boxing is going so well, I love the sound of the workouts your doing!

  3. You certainly are keeping busy and if I were you with those cracking boxing workouts, I'd be to tired for anything else :-)

  4. hahahaa picking up roxie, too adorable :)

  5. I love that you're enjoying the boxing again. My furbabies are shaggy monsters right now too. The groomer is going to hate us ;-)

  6. I think Roxie and boxing sounds like a pretty good combo for keeping your mood up. That and thoughts of Ibiza! Do get your sleep though -- even just reading this made me feel tired!

  7. HI!
    Okay, I believe I'd be dead if I went to bed at 1 and woke at 5:30am. Yes, get some more sleep. YOU deserve it right?

    Happy Friday!

  8. It sounds like an awesome workout - really hard work though!

    You must be so tired with only that much sleep - make sure you look after yourself!

  9. I'm moving soon and there's a boxing gym nearby...but they say one needs experience of 4 training sessions before going there! :(

    LOVE that you're flying the flag for actual, functional fitness. It drives me nuts when people say they're in the gym for ever, then can't run for a bus...

  10. wow that is a lot of boxing!! been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. i know it is so hard and it is a rollercoaster ride, just have to ride the waves!