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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Yet Another Boxing Workout

How's everyone's weekend been? I'm just experimenting on my new phone and blogging from work on my break.. Not sure I could do this all the time though! On Friday I went boxing, only four including myself turned up!

Warm up (this one included squatting atg style and jogging? moving? as fast as you can along the floor in that position, moving as fast as you can in a bear hold and then in a crab hold... the first was the worst!)

8 mins continuous skipping

3 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min rest)

5 x 3 min touch sparring - working on technique - the coach seemed happy with me here but I was disappointed, I kept flinching and blinking even though it was only touch sparring and I knew I wasn't going to get hurt so it was annoying that I was flinching.. I know that will go once I get used to it again but...

Leg Circuit... Ohhhhhhhh.... Ouch!!
  • Jumping over a bench with a 5kg medicine ball
  • Jumping onto steps and off again with 25kg bar bell then stepping on and off the steps on the way back.. I realised afterwards seeing another guy finish it that I think this was meant to be squat jumps.. not just jumps.. think I may have ended up on the floor if I'd tried a squat jump though haha
  • Clean and jumping lunge press... clean to waist then to shoulders with feet together then press to full arm extension whilst jumping and landing with your feet in a lunge position.. hope that made sense... it would be so much easier to show you..
  • Jumping onto blocks... still bottling the big tall scary one haha.. I will get up there (and hopefully not end up on my arse..)!
  • Lunge jumps over and onto a step
  • Walking lunges with 25kg barbell
  • Bunny hops with 5kg medicine ball (the WORST!! yowza)
  • Calf extensions
  • Hook movement with olympic barbell

We did it twice, once with 1 min per station then a second time with 30s per station we had a short break in between, maybe 5 mins... This was tough!

My legs are still hurting today from all of that! It's still feeling so good to be back though!

Is everyone excited about the Healthy Living Gathering? I cannot wait!


  1. These boxing workouts sound great and really challenging! I've never really tried boxing properly, but I'm pretty sure that I would flinch ;-)

  2. Great workout!! I'm going to try some of the leg stuff!!

  3. Man that sounds so hard. Excellent work.

  4. These sound like such good conditioning workouts. Are you running at the moment too, or taking a bit of a rest from it after the half? I ask because I can't imaging doing that squat thing and all those jumps etc and then having a run in me the next day!

    Good work doing this from your phone! ;)

  5. Ouch, ouch, ouchies!!!!!!! My legs hurt just reading that.

    I'm with Alison on the running after a workout like that, I'd be happy just being able to get out of bed :-)

  6. Oh gotta love those ouch inducing leg days!!

  7. That is one hardcore workout! Well done for blogging via your phone :-)

  8. I am so not showing our coach your workouts...they would kill me.

  9. even though i'm not going i am super excited for you to post all about the healthy living gathering!!!!! what a great idea! :) i know it must be a lot of work, too, but so worth it.

    woo woo on the workouts!!!!!!!! i love how your workouts are so intense. i need someone to make me do some of those things ... wanna come force me to do jumps and lunges ?! :)

  10. That does sound like a tough workout!! And I am excited about the HLG :D Did you guys get my mail? x

  11. That leg workout actually made me wince at my computer screen. I'm excited about the hlg, even if I can't attend it'll be fun to read about!

  12. your workouts always sound super impressive to em!!
    Hope your're having a good weekend!