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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Busy Little Bee

Wooo it's been a while! I have been working like a mad woman. There has been a nasty diarrhoea and sickness virus going round the home I work at and I have been doing lots of overtime, including a 15.5 hour shift on Monday, my day off... I must be mad it was a gorgeous day should have sat myself in a beer garden and worked on my tan haha.. but the money will be good when it comes in and plus I might still end up catching this virus and having to take unpaid sick days... How bad is that I would have to take unpaid sick days for a virus I would have caught at work... Anyway... My body had been strong so far against it. I really feel like a ticking time bomb though haha. In all this I've actually just had a stonking cold... nothing to stop me working or getting to the gym though, just a bit tired and run down, probably from working too much and still not sleeping well. I'm up at 5.30am tomorrow and I'm writing this post wide awake at 11.15pm.. and that's the time now... Goodness knows what time it will be when I finish writing!! (ahhh only 11.30... is this full of mistakes?)

Anyway... you don't come here for my rants about how hard I'm working or to hear me feeling sorry for myself! I'll share with you my latest boxing workout instead!

Warm up 20 mins of the usual, jogging, stretching, tuck jumps, push-ups etc

Running team drills - this consisted of a few drills which we each did 3 times
  • run to the ring (approx 50m) pick up heavy bag, run back to team then back to ring, drop heavy bag and sprint back to team.
  • run to ring pick up heavy bag, run back to team, run back to ring, drop heavy bag, run back halfway to team and do 20 jumping lunge type things off a high step, sprint back to team.
  • run to ring, back to team, back to ring, back to half way, step up onto steps with med ball when you reach the top fully extend arms then bring back to chest, repeat 10 times for speed, jump sideways over steps 10 times, sprint back to team.
6 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min rest)

7 mins continual skipping

Partner drills with medicine ball
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is sat on the floor, person B lies down, touches medicine ball on floor behind head, does sit-up and throws back to person A. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is kneeling on the floor, person B throws back, drops straight down into push-up then back up ready to catch again. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • A & B stand back to back and pass the medicine ball from side to side 15 times each side x 2.
Weighted hooks with olympic barbell plus 15kg (3 x 12)

Cool down, 10 mins of stretches.

Plus I biked there and back... I'm not keen on road biking (always feel like I'm going to die on the roads or be fined massively if I go on the pavements..) but I'm trying to save money on bus fares. It costs me 2 pounds a night to box but would be over a fiver including bus fares, now if I go three-four times a week thats 15-20 pounds gone when it could be 6-8... Big difference if I suck it up and bike! Plus it's an extra little workout, it's about 25 mins each way, not sure how many miles but it will be good for leg endurance so... thinking of the positives!

Last bit of good stuff, I got my Matcha powder from Teapigs you can expect a proper review but so far all I have to say is LOVE IT! I had some the day I got it and really felt energised, moreso than my beloved coffee! Shock!! p.s. ETA just noticed they have an offer on the matcha at the moment, 2 for 40 instead of 25 each (sorry my pound button doesn't work!!) it ends 30/06/11 so get in quick if you want to save a bit! Enter matchabod at the checkout!

Hope you're all having a good week, hope I get to post more regularly this week I miss blogging when I'm busy!


  1. Oh girl I sure hope you don't catch that virus. Yuck. I'd be so worried.

  2. Oh fingers crossed you do not catch the bug- I hope you have bottles of hand sanitiser everywhere. You are entitled to a little moan about working so much too- 15+ hour day is crazy- plus the job you do it really hard work too.

  3. Glad you like the matcha, it should definitely help while your working so hard! You take care of yourself though and don't over do it, keep that virus at bay! :-)

  4. I hope you don't catch the virus, I'm sure that your healthy lifestyle is keeping it at bay though.
    I always feel like that when I'm cycling too. I just come out a little from the curb and make sure drivers can definitely see me (very bright clothes) which makes me feel a little safer.

  5. Hello! Long-time lurker popping out to say hi :)

    Wow. Your workouts always amaze me, I'd drop down dead from exhaustion at some point, I'm sure....

    Hope you stay bug-free!

  6. Wow....awesome job as usual on the workouts. Any time anyone gets sick at my work my hands are raw from using sanitizer. Stay Healthy!

  7. I've always wanted to try the matcha tea. It sounds amazing!

  8. OH blah, if you weren't working hard I'd think you were slacking off ;-) Its all about being a real person .... YAAAY for real xxx

    ps killer boxing workout!

  9. There are an awful lot of bugs going around the general population at the moment so no surprise that it would be particularly rampant in a care home. Hope you can stay strong throughout, very sucky that you would have to take unpaid sick leave!