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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Half Marathon Pictures and More Boxing

I went boxing again on Thursday night... I've not really been sleeping so it was hard but a lot easier to motivate myself to go to the gym and train there than it would be to do the same thing at home! Also I have to say, people who've commented saying they'd like to try boxing do it! You don't have to fight and you can go to an amateur boxing gym and get a really great workout, learn how to punch (good self defence and proper punching will work more muscles..) it's not daunting or too full of testosterone, all the gyms I've ever been in have been really friendly, the only potential downside is there aren't many women at all so if you don't like being a minority you might not like it but that doesn't bother me personally!

Anyway here's how they killed me on Thurs!!

Warm up
5 x 3 min skip (1 min rest)
8 x 3 min alternating heavy bag and shadow (1 min rest)
1 x 3 min pad work (this was done in the middle of the bag/shadow rounds... totally killed me! My boxing fitness is definitely down!)

Another killer circuit... slightly different to last time... might have forgotten some stations but hopefully not!
  • Medicine ball sit-ups - twist each side and one in the middle
  • bar bell over the shoulder (it's a barbell with a heavy weight on one end and the other end is on the floor, you kind of punch it from one shoulder to the other... couldn't find a picture and my attempts to draw one on paint were no more helpful I'm afraid..)
  • Medicine ball rugby pass (to the wall and catch, 2 hands alternating each side of the body)
  • Neider press back against the wall
  • Raised push-ups (feet on second rope of the ring x 10)
  • Raised push-ups (feet on first rope of the ring x 15)
  • Resistance band punches (jab)
  • Resistance band punches (straight)
  • Resistance band punches (uppercuts)
  • Resistance band punches (hooks)
  • Push-ups (20)
  • Sit-ups
  • Jumping squats from side to side on a step
  • Jumping on to blocks with 5kg medicine ball
  • Jumps over benches
  • Jumps over piled up steps with some push-ups at the end (yeah this section FRIED my already dead legs haha)
  • Front of neck press (think I used 10kg)
  • Shrugs (used 10kg e/a I think)
  • Bent over row (think I used 10kg...)
  • Back of neck press (7.5kg for this I think...)
  • Squats and lunges (25kg I think)
  • hook type thing with barbell (this is similar to the other barbell exercise I couldn't describe haha weights on one end, other end on the floor and hook from one side to the other)
  • Raised calf extensions
push-ups = 55

Cool down

So tired after that! Been loving being back though, can't wait for more sessions and to get back in the ring for some sparring... my fitness definitely needs work though, don't want to be puffing and panting as much as I am at the moment ha!

The official pictures from last weeks half are online now... Loving mine for a change actually!

This is the pack I was with for a while at the beginning, when I checked their finish times I gained about 15 minutes on them so I made the right decision to speed up! (I was tentative at first in case I couldn't keep my lead haha)

Can't believe my muscles on this!!! This is a rare picture of my body where I can look at it and think yeah I look ok, maybe even good.. That's such a rare thought for me, I'm pleased, might buy this one even though I'm not a huge fan of my facial expression!!

Ready to stop the garmin... getting priorities straight!!

And I think I'm going to be sick...

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


  1. My God those circuits look killer! I couldn't even get to the end reading them -- I had to stop and start again! I think it's great that you've got a gym community to train with, especially since you're having such a rough time at the moment.

    I love it that you can look at those pictures and feel good about yourself too! You look really happy and relaxed in the first one especially. And totally spent in the ones crossing the finish line! Good pictorial representation of an excellently executed race plan!

  2. Thanks for the pictures!! You look pretty happy for running that distance ;-) Maybe it's pride!

  3. You certainly do take a good race photo! It's my facial expressions that really let me down...I really need to look out for where the cameras are but usually I'm oblivious to everything around me.


  4. Congrats on the half marathon! The photos are great, and your time was too. well done!

  5. Great pics, always nice to have good ones..

  6. Lovely pics, you look like your really enjoying yourself!

  7. Those pics are brilliant, You should buy one because you should be proud of yourself when looking at your body- excellent muscles indeed (although seeing your killer workout I am not surprised!)

  8. Great race photos! You look awesome!

  9. you got some GREAT race photos!!!!! love them :)

    i hate not sleeping!!! it makes every single thing harder. hope you get some rest soon!

  10. Woo Hoo have fixed my commenting issue.... for now.
    Huge congratulations again
    Love your hair too x

  11. what a find! literally just came across your blog- having been thinking how to a) use my resistance bands a bit more in a way where i won't get bored (!) and b) thinking how i should do a bit mroe bodycombat-esque moves at home...

    tadaa! problems solved! say hello over at Vivoir?

  12. Yes look at the muscles on you! Fantastic!

  13. You don't look good in those pics, you look amazing! You look strong and fit, definitely be proud!!

  14. amazing (: (:
    well done! x

  15. Hurray, I finally worked out how to post a comment! Since they took the url option away I've been struggling.

    You should definitely buy those pics. You'll regret it if you miss out.