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Sunday, 16 May 2010

11 Miles!

I'd been planning to get my 11 miles done for ages but for some reason I just could not find the motivation. My first attempt was foiled by a run down mp3 battery, the second I convinced myself a boxing workout was more important. The third attempt happened today. I finished it but I'm not entirely happy with it, my times ended up a lot slower than I was supposed to be running...

There are two reasons for my slower than planned time! Number one, it was the windiest weather I have ever run in. I literally found it hard to run in a straight line, the bridge offered no protection to the wind and the first hill I tackled had a really strong headwind. It was sooo hard.

The second reason was my own stupidity! After reading on Jag's blog about the body power expo she is going to and then looking at the website I found the 100 rep challenge... Well you know me, I can't resist a challenge! Neither can Mike so we both had a go... The 100 rep challenge consists of 10 dead hang pull-ups, 30 push-ups and 60 ass to grass squats. It said on the website the first so many people to get it under 1 min 45 seconds got a prize so that was our goal! Mike did it in 1.31 and I just managed it spot on 1.45 (I modified it to do a bar hang for 10 seconds and knee push-ups). I realised about 5 squats in that what I was doing was daft... who does 60 low and fast as they can squats before heading out for the longest run they have ever done.. Silly me apparently ha ha - I paid for it, my legs were dead weights by mile 5.... live and learn!

Mike came with me on the bike while I ran today, it was great to have some moral support, and he tried to shield me from the wind but there just isn't enough of him he he.. I bought a camelback type rucksack last week and tested it on this run. Very impressed! The water tasted a bit funky but I'll take funky water over no water any day! Mike wasn't a fan though.. he hated the taste! We had a bit of a comedy moment as he tried to drink it whilst cycling alongside me... not easy! He nearly crashed into the bridge railings, I had to grab his knee and steer him away, I think an old couple saw us and giggled a bit!

I tried to run my slow, on pace, fast style today but it went out of the window around mile 6 when I just wanted to finish it in any time I could! I still think that type of running will work for me I just think hills and wind were too difficult for me today!

Mile 1 - 8.47
Mile 2 - 9.57
Mile 3 - 9.40
Mile 4 - 8.53
Mile 5 - 9.08
Mile 6 - 10.13
Mile 7 - 10.54
Mile 8 - 10.19
Mile 9 - 10.55
Mile 10 - 9.59
Mile 11 - 9.31

Although I'm dissappointed with todays times it's good experience. It could be ridiculously windy on race day and I'm not going to let it stop me running then so why let it stop a training run. If anything hopefully next time I run I'll feel super speedy without the wind against me!


  1. You did well to run 11 miles! The last water bottle I got tasted funny for days, it just had to be rinsed out like a hundred times! It's qite funny imagining Mike nearly crashing into you for a drink of water!

  2. awesome 11 miles! way to still get out there after doing that challenge. now that's hardcoreness :)

  3. Congrats on 11 miles..that takes a lot of motivation! Plus your times were good too....great job!

  4. Congrats on the 11 miles! Seriously, you should be proud of running that far...regardless of times :)

  5. Great job on your 11 miles...I think your times are awesome!

  6. My camelbak tasted like plastic for a little while, but that'll fade (either that, or I just got used to it!)(No, I really think it's fine now)

    Anyway, you're really getting strong (both running and otherwise) if you can still pull off a decent 11-mile run after all that!

  7. Never mind being disappointed at your speed, you should just be proud of yourself for finishing at all when you started out with tired legs! Especially in the wind! I think you did amazingly well and any race will seem like a walk in the park if that's how you train!

  8. 11 miles in itself is a challenge and one you should feel proud of completing - well done!

  9. Well done for your 11 miles! Sounds like you had a tough time of it with that wind (I hate running in the wind, I never seem to be able to warm up when its windy. Your times may not have been what you wanted (I still think there great!) but sometimes I think the main thing is just getting out there and doing it! x