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Monday, 24 May 2010

Sunny Intervals

Did everyone have a great weekend? I have been outside most of the time enjoying the sun! We had a little heatwave, I just hope it stays hot but that's probably a bit too much to ask of England!

On Friday I had a day off so we decided to head to the track for our intervals, it's been too long since I did intervals, I forget how much I love/hate them. We went early morning and it was still sooo hot, Mike poured water over me when I was done, that's about the only time that wouldn't elicit a mad response from me haha

I did (times I was supposed to be getting are in brackets);

1 mile warm up 9.20
1200m 5.28 (5.46)
1200m 5.23 (5.46)
800m 3.43 (3.47)
800m 3.45 (3.47)
800m 3.46 (3.47)
800m 3.43(3.47)

total 4.5 miles

I got a versatile blogger award from Anne @ Asthma and the Gift of Running, thanks Anne!
Now I get to share seven things about me and pass this on to a few more bloggers!
  1. I never know what to write on these things..!
  2. I met Mike on myspace!!
  3. My mum and dad think we met at a nightclub
  4. Even though I love Lost I have not watched the last episodes yet... I have them recorded but I haven't watched them...
  5. In winter I get so cold I sleep in thermals, fleece pjs, a hooded dressing gown, thick socks, slipper boots and a thick quilt and in my old flat it was two quilts and a blanket cause it was colder!
  6. I used to HATE running, absolutely hate it, I'd do anything to get out of cross country at school
  7. I took figure skating lessons when I was a teenager, I wish I didn't quit!
I'd like to give the award to everyone who comments on this post because you're all wonderful!

I also have some work news! Remember when I mentioned about them hiring me as assistant manager on one wage then lowering my position to supervisor which also came with a lower wage... Well I sent a letter to the regional manager asking her to sort it out and reimburse me otherwise I would leave and seek legal advice. Well she is coming to see me on Thursday. I hope she sorts it out, I don't really want to leave, there are quite a few parts of the job that I don't like but they aren't big enough issues that I would leave over them. The wage thing is though, I will do if they don't sort my wages out. Cross your fingers and toes for me please ;-)

I'll be back soon with my 10 mile recap from yesterday ooof it was a hot one!!


  1. Good for you- standing up for yourself! Hope they sort it out for you! I wanted to take dance or skating lessons when I was a kid but living 3 hours from a dance teacher or ice rink kind of put the kibosh on that!

  2. I love #2 and #3! So funny. I too took ice skating lessons as a kid. I did it for quite a few yrs. but finally quit around 15, mostly b/c it cramped my social life (the priorities of that age!).

    Good luck with the job.

    Oh, and I posted my seven facts the other day.

  3. Look at those speedy intervals! Feels good to beat your goal, huh?

    I'm not going to post seven facts because I've done those a few of those lists years ago. I don't think there's anything left to say!

    I hope the job gets sorted out. That's so frustrating!

  4. I've really got my fingers crossed for you that it all gets sorted out job wise. I'll send you positive thoughts on Thursday! I was totally the same with running, I would dread the cross country at school so much I'd bunk off or pretend to be ill to get out of it. I never ever thought I'd be running a half marathon! x

  5. Fingers crossed that the regional manager does right by you.

    No way could I have run yesterday, I just hid inside in the cool; so go you for putting in some intervals!

    (and we've still got the last 5 episodes of LOST to watch next weekend - it's gonna be a total LOST fest :o) I can't wait!)

  6. i hope everything works out with the regional manager. awesome job sticking up for yourself!

    hope the weather stays nice for you too. what's the weather typically like in england over the summer?

  7. Hi Laura,
    I love your list! I am just the opposite of you in terms of what you sleep in. I get so hot at night and am always kicking the covers off...even in the winter! I also think #2 and #3 are pretty funny:) Wow, you used to figure skate...go you! I never had any real lessons but I used to go iceskating on our pond in the winter! I had so much fun:) Have a great week Laura!

  8. way to be assertive about your job!!!!!! you are definitely taking action + doing the best thing you can.

    WAY TO GO on your intervals!!! love how you put in your target time (and you crushed them all!).

    and jeeeeez louiseee!!! you need a Down Comforter, girl!!! or an electric blanket!!! hehe. i get so hot under my down comforter. but i love my room to be cold, so it feels really good to be under the blanket.

  9. Great job on the intervals, especially in the heat!!
    Fun list :)
    I hope things work out for the best at work.

  10. Love your list! I too was a skater as a kid. Loved it!
    Keeping everything crossed that your work situation turns out in your favor!

  11. first, kudos to you for writing the letter for your work. stick to your guns b/c you're worth it;-)

    and love the list, especially #2!;-)