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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Monthly Recap April...

...and a few other bits 'n' bobs!

On Thursday I ran 4 miles, Mike came with me after work and we did 1 fast, 1 slow, 1 fast 1 slow, it was fun! Even though it was pouring rain and we got absolutely drenched! While we were out running we bumped into a few members from a running club. They invited us to go running with them some time. Their club house is not too far from where we live so I expect we'll go down and train with them sometime in the near future. The men we bumped into were faster than me, they overtook us, but I looked at the race results on their website and there are a few women around my speed, and even some slower than me! Running clubs always seemed like a really scary place to go.. I went once with the uni running club and felt I slowed them down so much because I just couldn't keep up. I feel a bit more confident with my running now. I've trained a lot more now, when I went out with the uni running club I'd only ever run on a treadmill for 30ish minutes at a time and was not at all ready for keeping up with some speedy road runners!

Stats! 4 miles in 36.32
Mile 1 - 8.13
Mile 2 - 10.29
Mile 3 - 8.14
Mile 4 - 9.22

Weekly Totals
Miles -17.5
Push-ups - 35
Chin-ups - 8
Pull-ups - 2
Neck exercises -
Isometric punches - 0
Wrist curls - 1
Core work - 0

Monthly Totals and April Recap
New Years Goals

Complete half marathon (current 4 miles) As of end of March longest run/jog is up to 10 miles yay for double digits!
One mile in >7.30 (current 7.55) 7.16 - New goal to get it under 7 minutes - not tested this month
Two miles in >15.30 minutes (current 16.23) 15.24 - new goal >15 not tested this month
Three miles in >24.30 minutes (current 25.25) 24.21 during 5k time trial
Four miles in >35 minutes (current 35.47) Not tested

Hold a plank for 3.30 minutes (current 2.30) 3.33
3 pull-ups in a row (current 0) Not tested as not been working on pull ups this month, must remember them next month!
5 chin-ups in a row (current 1) As of end of January 4 but from 90 degree not dead hang, from dead hang can do 1.
30 push-ups in a row (current 10) Can now do 30! - new goal, 50! Not tested this month.

Improve hooks and uppercuts – practice in sparring
Improve stance so weight is spread more evenly
Angle off – don't stand square
Win my first fight!
The boxing goals are getting better! I'm glad we've got a gym to go to now so I can get in more sparring and hopefully get my medical done as soon as the coach thinks I'm ready, he seemed more cautious than my last coach and was suggesting waiting til next season (September) to start boxing so all my skills are good for a beginner - that's kind of dissappointing because I want to get started but kind of good because he won't put me in before I'm ready, which I suspect my old coach would have done. It's just good to be back at a gym so I'll listen to what he says and fight when he thinks I am ready too. The last thing I want to do is go in there underprepared, lose, and regret it!

New Years Resolutions
Do core workouts twice a week Done except for last week, :-( did not manage to stick to my own core challenge... lame!! I'm blaming the tiredness from work but really I should have managed to push it out.
Neck exercises once a week Bad!! Only did two weeks.
Wrist curls once a week Same...
Isometric punches once a week Don't even go there!
Boxing three times a week Not back there that often but hopefully will be soon!
Running three times a week (distance, sprints and intervals) Getting there, I feel like I'm making good improvements running!
Follow pull-up/chin-up plan Again, it's something which I've not done enough of since I started work.. I feel really bad about how my training has suffered the past two weeks I've just not had the same motivation I normally have. I hope I find it again soon!!!

Monthly Totals - March
Miles -53.9
Push-ups - 303 (16 weighted)
Chin-ups - 35
Pull-ups - 22
Neck exercises - 2
Isometric punches - 0
Wrist curls - 2
Core work - 6

I know why my totals are down but I'm still feeling a bit annoyed at myself! I hope I find a better balance this month. Everything about the job is stressing me out at the moment. Especially the fact that they're trying to change the pay agreed, it's a job but it's not something I want to be my career, I didn't spend 5 years at university to help manage a shop, I want to do something to do with my degree so if they're going to screw me over I don't know if it's worth staying... Bahhhhh I'm sorry I feel like I do nothing but moan about the situation at the moment.

I haven't included my new mile times from today since technically they are from May since somehow May has sprung upon us out of nowhere! Won't be long until the half marathon in June EEEEEEK!! Scary but exciting!!

Core Challenge Updates
Remember the core challenge ends today!! Can you all let me know if you did your two a week and before and after plank times! I'm going to do a post with the results and the competition winner. Not that I was going to enter myself, but I disqualified myself by missing some core last week :-( I hope you all did better than me! I did manage to increase my plank time a little though didn't quite hit my target but I was SO close!!


  1. I think your employers are being well out of order with you, I hope that you get sorted with it one way or another.

    Well done on all your achievements this month! x

  2. you are making so much improvement! glad the boxing is going so well for you too :) great work this month

    hopefully all the job stress calms down soon!

  3. :( I must also be disqualified as I strained my ab muscle last week and haven't done any core since then. Thanks for pushing me to improve my core workout though and I am feeling better already, so I'm going to continue with it, starting next Tuesday during my workout!

  4. I'm out due to not managing 2 a week sessions. In fact I missed a whole week of exercise at all at one point in April. Oops!

    I'm sorry your employers are being 'insert sweary word here'.