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Monday, 3 May 2010

Amazing Run!

I had the BEST run yesterday! I felt like I'd borrowed someone elses lungs! It was so good :-) The run I had planned was a 6 mile long tempo run which I was supposed to run at an 8.53 pace.. The fasted I'd ever run 6 miles before was a 9 minute pace so I didn't actually think I would acheive the pace set out in the plan... I was so wrong! I set out with a plan to run some miles fast, some at pace and some slow. My first mile would be a slow warm up then I intended to speed up just a little bit... I sped up a lot but it felt really good... I was concerned I would burn out as I have done many times before so I decided I would make sure the next mile was a slower than pace one. When I started that mile it just seemed comfortable around an 8.40-8.45 pace so I hovered around there and decided the next would be slow, the next mile ended up being a slightly slower but similar pace... I forced the 5th mile to be a slower one so I could ensure a strong finish, my last mile was a 7.50 pace! The last time I ran 6 miles, I was so tired by the last mile I ran a 9.28 mile and my previous ones were slower. It felt so good to smash my old time! Yipeeeeee!! I also beat my old 4 and 5 mile times along the way! I've no idea how I did it today I hope this trend continues!

My times;
4 miles in 34:49
5 miles in 43:40
6 miles in 51:31
6.2 miles in 52:56

My splits;
Mile 1 - 9.08
Mile 2 - 8.13
Mile 3 - 8.42
Mile 4 - 8.47
Mile 5 - 8.51
Mile 6 - 7.50
0.2 - 1.24 (7.05 pace)

Annoyingly, I lost my belly button ring on the run... I lost one on last Sundays 9 miler too!! I have two piercings in my belly button and I'd just replaced the one I lost last week, what are the chances of it happening again!! When I noticed it was gone I didn't know whether to laugh or curse... so I did both! Another thing... this woman in a car stopped me for directions! Erm lady I have a pace to keep here haha.... couldn't help her cause I didn't know what she was looking for but to be honest, I'm not sure if I would have helped if I did, there were plenty of walkers to ask...why pick me! Has this ever happened to any of you? I was really surprised to be honest haha

I have some exciting news.... Mike found me a bargain Garmin 301 on ebay!! I'm getting my own garmin... how long have I been going on about getting one!! It's slightly faulty but it's only that the mode button doesn't always work... I can live with that! Yay :D

Right... must go get ready for work... boohoooooooo


  1. yay garmin! yay awesome run! boo losing a belly button ring though. what type of ring is it? i have mine done too but i've never been worried about losing i'll be paranoid haha!

  2. Thats great news on the Garmin! I know you've after your own for ages! Well done on your run as well, sounds like you were in the zone! Someone once stopped me for directions mid run, I just don't understand why someone would do that if there were others about. I had a dog run up to me to today on my run, I nearly tripped over on it! I wish their owners would be more careful when they can see a runner about! x

  3. Congrats on the great run. Always fun when all the pieces fall into place. Enjoy the Garmin - I've had mine for almost a year now and don't know how I would have effectively trained without it.

  4. Glad you had such a great one! What is it with people always stopping runners for directions?

  5. Niiice run! Shame about losing another bit of piercing jewellery though. And, argh! Yes! I fear people trying to talk to me when I'm running; yes! I have a pace to keep, dammit! (I'm slow, I need every second I can get ;o))

  6. great run, you will love the garmin !!

  7. Nice work Laura!! It looks like you had a fantastic run with wonderful splits! LOL on the I must have someone elses lungs...funny, I feel that way when I can't breath and am sucking up air:)

  8. Amazing job on the run (great pace) and yay for the'll love it!

    I agree that it's kind of strange that the woman would choose to ask you for time, don't make eye contact and smile at people who seem to be lost ;)

  9. HOORAY!!!! what a fabulous run! you just got faster and faster and completely smashed all of your expectations :) that is just really wonderful i'm so happy for you!!! :) it's nice to have concrete measures of progress- you have been working hard so of course it pays off but sometimes you don't always realize it :)

    WOOP WOOP GARMIN!!! nice find on ebay! ebay is such hit or miss. elliot usually has a lot of success finding things, but maybe i don't have the right find-power :)

  10. Great job on the run! It is always great to see improvement! keep it up!

  11. Yay to getting a run in with someone else's lungs ;) And also yay to Garmin!

  12. Hurrah, we both did speedy 6 milers yesterday! I managed mine in 51 minutes which is a great result for me considering I haven't been training seriously for very long. Isn't it amazing how quickly you progress? That's what I love about running, it keeps you motivated :-D

    Really glad you found my blog again!