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Friday, 7 May 2010

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Eek it's been so long so long since I wrote a blog post! I can't remember what day I ran but I had a really good run this week! After my 6 miler the other day I think I've figured out what works for me running! One slow mile, one fast mile, one mile at pace. I ran 9 miles about 2 minutes faster than last time and it felt a lot easier too! My overall pace was 9.02 - if I run the half marathon at that pace I will be a very happy bunny! Unfortunately though, we have heard a lot about a killer hill at mile 9 which is long and steep apparently... That scares me when it comes to reaching my time goals... I hope I can keep the pace.

9 miles in 1:21:14 target pace HMP+20 = 9.21.. went a bit fast! Average pace 9.02
Mile 1 - 9.24 (slow)
Mile 2 - 8.33 (fast)
Mile 3 - 9.21 (on pace)
Mile 4 - 9.30 (slow)
Mile 5 - 8.19 (fast)
Mile 6 - 9.13 (on pace)
Mile 7 - 9.23 (on pace)
Mile 8 - 9.30 (slow)
Mile 9 - 8.00 (fast)

I think this works as it makes use of my anaerobic system which due to boxing I think is quite a bit better than my aerobic system. Mike did my little idea too on his run and it worked for him too, he ran two minutes faster than his previous time too so it really worked well for both of us. We're both planning on using it in the half marathon and I can't wait to try it on next weeks 11 miler! Eeeek 11 miles is a very long way, to me anyway haha, scary stuff!

After the run I did some core we both started by testing our max plank.. I did 3.53 and Mike did 5.15!! We also did 20 minutes of core work, it was the most tough core work ever! My core was not happy doing anything after that plank!

I managed to get a few chin-ups and push-ups in this week too, Mike and I did a quick pyramid last night 5 to 10 and down again, I did 5 second holds on the bar and then 5 push-ups which totalled 80 seconds on the bar and 80 push-ups. It's a good way to do them because it's quick and you get a lot done :-)

I'm still having problems at work. I don't think I will be staying there.. I'm going to give my notice next week. The area manager effed up and told my store manager to hire an assistant manager. I've seen it written down on a task list in her writing (I photocopied it as evidence!). Anyway she has since backed down and claimed that I'm only a supervisor - this means a fair bit less pay than the amount agreed on in my interview. They won't change it even though it is their mistake. On principle, even though I actually don't mind the job, I don't feel I can stay. They are just walking all over me and I'd rather go back on the dole where I would actually be financially better off believe it or not! Even on the higher wage I would have had more on the dole. I was so angry on the phone today to the area manager. She didn't even accept any responsibility even though I told her I had seen the sheets of paper which she wrote instructions to my manager to hire an assistant manager. It's all a total shambles. I don't want to work for someone who can't do her job properly and is constantly blaming other people for her mistakes. I've already seen her do this on other occaisions in the three weeks I've been working there it's just ridicuous.

I'm going to leave on a happier note or two! Go check out Laura's great giveaway at Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish. It features some yummy natural balance treats among other goodies!

Also, Claire from Boutique Run emailed me earlier in the week.

'Boutique run is a new lifestyle and fitness event designed exclusively for women, which I thought might be of interest to you and your readers? We’re trying to get more women active by making sports event more accessible, sociable and fun; mixing fitness with fashion, beauty, style, live music.... And post-run champagne! We’ll also be helping raise money for our charity partner Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The inaugural run will be taking place in Batterea Park, London, on Saturday 10th July at 6pm. It’s a girls night out with a difference; a scenic 5 or 10km run followed by entertainment and pampering.

We’d love to offer your readers 25% off their entry fee if they use the code BRE2 – which means the entry fee will be £25.95'

I don't think I will be able to run, I wish I could but I can't see myself being able to afford the travel and the transport down there. If it changes and anyone else is running it would be great to do a blogger meetup!

Well I'm off for a date with sailor jerry again :P


  1. You'll know better than me and I might be wrong but I thought that if you resigned from a job you couldn't collect dole for 3 months? Just don't want you to be stuck! It does sound they are a bunch of twats! Is there anyone higher in the company you can speak to before you hand in your notice?

    Well done on that fast run! :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Your running technique sounds really good, I might give that a try when I run tomorrow. Your employers sound like a bunch of total ***** (insert swear work of choice)I can't believe how they have went on with you. I hope you find something better really soon x

  3. i like your system. kind of like doing speedwork everyday but not at such an intense level so the body recovers.

    too bad that i live "across the pond" that race sounds like fun

  4. Interesting run strategy, that could work out well!

    Sorry about the job, that sucks, but at least you figured it out quickly, before you got too settled in!

  5. Oo! I saw an ad for the Boutique Run in "Stylist" this week and had a bit of a think about doing it. I'm not sure I can as all of my girl friends don't run and my running friends are boys :o/

    Sorry to hear about the job not working out so well. It does sound like they have been taking the P a bit. Seconding Laura's sentiments in hoping you find something less crappy soon!

  6. sorry that you have joined the world of my job sucks. Keep up that training!!

  7. i support you in needing to leave that job for a better one. you are a Gem to anyone in the workforce;-)

  8. Ugh...wish the job was better news :(

    On a brighter note, I'm sure you'll rock that 11-miler :)