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Monday, 10 May 2010

Lots of Tempos!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was fun, I had an induction course to go to on Saturday which was ok, had some time afterwards to wander round York which was good! On Sunday it was my glorious day off so I got some running and bodyweight strength done I love days off!! I'm trying to get my masters application sorted out right now... If I can't get the right music career or any career at all I need to make changes so I'm really hoping I get on to the Social Work Masters... I think it would open so many doors for me! Cross your fingers please ;)

Weekly Totals
Miles - 15
Push-ups - 80
Chin-ups - 80 seconds on the bar
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises -0
Isometric punches - 0
Wrist curls - 0
Core work - 1

Core Challenge
Nobody let me know they had finished the core challenge, soooo... if you all comment with your before and after plank times I'll put you all into a hat and pick out the winner! I know it's easy for life to get in the way, it did for me. But I'm sure even if you didn't get two a week you all improved so let me know!

I set out planning to run my first 11 miler yesterday... My mp3 player ran out within 2 miles so I decided to run my tempo instead! I can't get the data off my new garmin yet.. it was cheap because it's slightly faulty, the mode button doesn't work so when I tried to upload it, it crashed the garmin centre as it tried to get all the persons runs as far back as 2006! I'm trying to get sports tracks instead as that lets you choose which to upload but my laptop is on its last legs and I can't get it to work. Anyway I'll post my stats from memory.. I didn't do very well, it seemed really hard and I think it's to do with my fuel before hand, I didn't have my usual breakfast and I don't think my replacement breakfast was enough and I had it too early so all in all not very successful! I got my old lungs back haha

Roughly I did
1.5 miles warm up at 9.20 pace
2 miles at about 8.10 pace
1 mile at 9.10 pace

The last mile was just impossible and I've no idea why, it was so much effort to keep it at 9.10! Some days just don't work too well I guess!

In the evening Mike and I did some tempo push-ups/core/chin-ups,
Tempo push-ups 4 seconds down, 1 second hold at the bottom, 2 seconds back up
6 x max / 60s core hold

Tempo chin/pull-ups - 4 second hold at the top of the bar, 4 second hold at 90 degrees, 4 second hold at the bottom
6 x chin/pull-up / 30-60s core hold

Took less than half an hour and got quite a lot of work done, not bad :-)

Hope everyone had a fun Monday!


  1. more awesome workouts! and core challenge? how did i miss that?! oops.

    good luck with the masters application. apply to things is not so much fun ever. but fingers crossed for you

  2. I've always wanted to go to York! Fingers crossed about the Masters application, I always dithered between teaching and social work, am glad I went with teaching but still think I'd like to do social work sometimes! It's a more versatile career I think. Will do my plank in the morning- I haven't done it in ages!

  3. I do hope the Master's application works out how you want it to! Social work, here she comes.

    Plank: I started at 80 seconds and last time I timed it, I managed 90 seconds (let me try again tomorrow and see if I can do even better). If I improve, I'll comment again :)

  4. yeah master's application! any school/program will be lucky to have you!

    and for my plank...last tie I did it which was ~5 days ago, I did if for 45 sec's. and GO ANNE! dang! 80 sec's!

  5. Oops, well I blogged about my last week of the Core Challenge. I didn't try to do another long plank, though, so I'll do one tomorrow!

    Hope you get the Garmin sorted out. You can delete all old runs by date, maybe that would help?

  6. Good luck on your Masters application! My starting plank time was 30 seconds and the longest I've managed was 1min 20 secs, not a bad improvement!

  7. great tempo run... good luck getting into your masters program.

  8. Best of luck on your application! And great job on the run.

  9. You always have the best core workouts ever!
    Great job on your runs too1

  10. Woohoo! I did my plank today and lasted 2 minutes :) that's another 30 second improvement!

  11. Hi Laura,
    It sounds like you had a few nice days:) Every time I read your cross training workouts I feel like I am not doing enough:) Awesome job on your core sessions...very impressive!

  12. Ow ow ow ow. I just held a plank for 4:07. And around the 2-minute mark one of my cats decided he'd walk under me, rubbing against my face and weaving around my arms. And then he farted.

  13. Sheesh I feel like it's been ages since I stopped my--sorry! But I've been doing my corework religiously. My starting plank was 5 mins. haven't done the final one. I don't know they're just not hard for me. Now if you tested my hip strength I'd be squealing like a timid puppy.
    Good luck with your master's apps!

  14. Hey pretty chica!!
    I loveeed the core challenge! planks=hardcore! :)
    I started at (3x a week 1:30) and ended up adding 30-seconds each week...right now I'm holding front plank for almost 3min! and sides for 2 min!
    I hope youve been having a great week!