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Sunday, 28 February 2010


Today ended up being quite a good day work out wise, ended up getting more done than we'd both planned love it when that happens.

Checked max chin-ups and push-ups, can still only do 1 chin-up from dead hang, it's getting frustrating!! I'm trying some new approaches to getting that bit from the bottom sorted out like having Mike give me a little support from the bottom so it's assisted so I can build the strength a bit more gradually, hopefully that will help. I also managed 30 push-ups but I stuck my bum in the air to rest a bit near the end so they don't really count as 30 consecutive ones so I'm going to try those again see if I can do them without the rest.

Did some boxing work on a new guard style I'm trying, like Joshua Clottey's guard.. Did some work with Mike like technical sparring so I was working on blocking and countering his punches and also throwing any combinations he shouted out to his gloves. Mainly working defensively though.
Technical sparring 4 x 2 minute rounds with 30s rest
Mitt work 2 x 2 minute rounds with 30s rest
We hadn't planned on doing any boxing specific work, just the magic 50, another Ross Enamait workout... So we did that too! I used to absolutely HATE this workout cause it's tough but now I love it! I used an 8.5kg dumbell for the lifts.

Magic 50
5 clean each arm

5 swings each arm

10 burpees

x 5 rounds

I completed it in 7.03, annoyingly close to under 7 minutes! I saw the timer was at 6.40 just before I started the last set of burpees so I was trying hard to power through them to come in under 7 but I just didn't quite make it! Maybe next time!

Max push-up re-test got 30 proper ones this time, only just though, really tough, my arms feel like jelly now!
Max plank test managed 2.47 + 17 seconds from my last max test
Neck work

Off to watch Saving Private Ryan, it's on TV and I've never seen it, hope everyone has a great night!


  1. enjoy saving private ryan. i've never seen it but when i was younger me and my cousin used to pretend we were in the movie trying to fight the war. we'd crawl around on our bellies in the shallow water and let the waves crash over us hahah!

  2. hi! For your Magic 50 work, why is it important to do it fast? Just curious. I'm equating it to my own strength training routine, and the time isn't much of a factor, so wanted to know why it is for you/boxing. thanks!;-)