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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Windy Intervals

Sorry I've been a bit MIA, again.. I've had a really rough week..

I did do some fab intervals at the beginning of last week though. They were TOUGH!! You know that really strong wind we've been having, well nutso over here decided it would be a great idea to run intervals in it. They were immensly hard. Mike was running too and we both almost gave up more than once. I literally felt like I was running on the spot at times. I was amazed I finished them in times close to my goal times though, that felt gooood! I had 400m RI in between intervals...

200 - 0.40
400 - 1.48
600 - 2.46
800 - 3.52
800 - 4.04
600 - 2.58
400 - 1.58
200 - 0.43

I felt pretty hardcore after finishing them! Especially since I struggled to walk accross the field back to the start line hehe

Anyway I've had a pretty awful week. I don't want to get into details on the blog but it's affected my eating.. I'm trying hard not to relapse at the moment but I'm struggling.. I just have no appetite when I'm feeling like I am at the moment so.. I dunno! It's hard to explain being so cryptic.. Anyway I'm not sure when I'll be back with another workout post... I've not really been eating enough to exercise if I'm honest and I'm trying to stay as sensible as possible and not make things too bad. I'm supposed to be starting my half program on Monday so hopefully I'll be back on track by then but I honestly don't know if I will. Hopefully this is just a blip.. I considered myself to be fully recovered so to be struggling like I am at the moment has come as a bit of a surprise..

Hope you're all good and hope I'm back soon :-) I'm still reading blogs I'm just not feeling much like writing! Plus, the way I'm feeling = depressive posts which aren't much fun to read!


  1. Well done on your awesome workout, that wind was crazy! So sorry to hear your having some problems petal. I'm sure you'll be back on track soon. I guess these things can rear their ugly head and take us by surprise, I'll be sending you lots of positive vibes. I wouldn't worry about posting 'depressive' posts if you feel that writing stuff down is going to help, I'm sure all your readers would be really supportive too, but I guess it depends if writing is theraputic for you or not, You take care xxx

  2. I'm really sorry to hear you're having a rough time Laura. I think it's understandable that it's effecting your eating a bit. Like with a bone break, even once it has healed, you are always going to have a little bit of weakness there, which will show under pressure. That doesn't mean you're not recovered, or are handling this badly; it just means life is tough at the moment.

    I think you're right that if you're having trouble fuelling, then it makes sense not to push hard with the workouts. But really nice work with the intervals! Whether you choose to blog through this or not, take care xx

  3. Great job on the intervals! I hope with the warmer weather this week I can get out to the track but I am afraid it will be too windy! Hope this week is better for you!

  4. Nice job with the wind intervals. Sorry to hear you're feeling down and not yourself. Hugs to you and I hope things get better!

  5. I've been out in those gales too and I can truly say that doing intervals in them makes you totally hardcore. They completely fried my pace, although when the wind was behind me it was like having rocket-powered trainers ;)

    I'm so sorry you're struggling and I'm wishing you all the best ~ from a persepective of any eating disorder I don't think anyone is ever fully 'healed'. It's like being a broken doll that has been pieced back together: there will always be cracks in the interior if not the exterior, so we have to be aware and vigilant, conscious of our fragility. This applies to me from a bingeing rather than undereating perspective, but I think the thought processes are the same perhaps? Anyway, I'll stop rambling at you now. Just know that I'm wishing you well.



  6. wind makes any workout really hard and instantaneously hardcore. great job.

    ((hugs)) for the rough week. i'm so sorry that you're struggling right now and am sending MUCHO good vibes to you right now.

  7. Hope you fell better soon. Hang in there and look after yourself. (((Laura)))

  8. Hooray to warm weather!
    I home you feel better!

  9. Hope you feel better soon!
    We had some nasty wind last night, and while it was unseasonably warm, I was just as happy it wasn't a running night for me. Hope the wind doesn't come back tonight, it's cold again!