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Monday, 21 February 2011

Back on Track

I'm feeling good... my eating is working it's way back on track and I've been eating pretty much back to normal the past few days. I'm so glad that blip didn't last too long. I know it could easily drop back to bad eating habits but hopefully I can keep a hold of things.. The other issues that were affecting my eating haven't been completely sorted but they're getting much better. Hopefully they will stay that way so I don't take another knock! Sorry for still being so cryptic by the way it's just things I don't really feel too comfortable discussing on the blog plus they affect other people and it's not really my place to write about them on here!

Ok. Onwards and upwards!

My first workout back was just a quick one. I was struggling having only just started eating more again with major bloatedness and that feeling of lead in your tummy... I was going to run but Mike was doing this so I just joined in with him instead. Since my first week of half training was such a major flop half training is beginning again this week.. I had a few spare weeks in case of injury or tiredness I just wasn't intending on using one of them up so soon.. Oh well, that's life isn't it!

Anyway - here's Saturdays workout.

5 x 3 min rounds containing

30s burpees
30s constant punching 1-2
30s screw shots
30s burpees
30s constant punching 1-2
30s shadow boxing

30s rest, repeat until flopped in a sweaty heap on the floor... or 5 rounds...

Now, on to yesterdays run. It was exactly what I needed. Good fuelling and better sleep meant I was able to run double the miles I ran on my last run at over a minute per mile faster than last time.

6 miles in 50.44
ave pace 8.27
Mile 1 - 9.01
Mile 2 - 8.35
Mile 3 - 8.32
Mile 4 - 8.26
Mile 5 - 8.23
Mile 6 - 7.48


I really needed a confidence building run after my last flopped run and just after having a rough couple of weeks. This run didn't even feel too hard except for the last mile when I really just took off I was breathing fairly heavy for the rest of it but it was reasonably comfortable.. Yay! I real ready to take on my half training and rock it :D I totally gave it my all in that last mile and couldn't speak when I got in I just sat on the floor for about 5 minutes trying to catch my breath I love that feeling where you've left it all out there. I know you can't run like that all the time but it feels great to do it once in a while!

What races are you training for at the moment? Got anything exciting fitness-wise on the cards? Tell me, tell me!


  1. So glad your feeling more your normal self! Well done on that run, so awesome! Now that I'm running outside again I need to start looking at half plans myself but I have quite a while until the GNR thank goodness!

  2. Yay glad you are feeling back on track :) And excellent work on the run- you are so speedy! And you are right about sleep and fuelling having such an impact- they are so important too.
    I have the marathon at the end of May, and then the great south run (10 miles) in OCtober, and that is all for now (but quite enough!). :)

  3. Woohoo way to go with that run girl. Nicely done!

  4. Sounds like you've had a good start to this week! I love the feeling of having given your all and collapsing on a heap, but I agree that you can't do that every single day!
    Your circuit workout looks good too - anything with burpees in it leaves me spent :-)

  5. Nice even splits and a quicker last one - perfect.

  6. Nice splits: shows what good nutrition and a little rest can do. I really hope that this blip is now behind you and you can get back to looking after your brilliant self.

    I am meant to have a full racing March-May, but injury might mess these plans up. One half, one 10k, one 20miles, one 16.5 mile fell race and marathon (Edinburgh) all fall in these months and with the state of my joints/back/hamstrings/IT bands at the moment I am very scared!


  7. Forgive me for not being around here in so long. You have been on my mind though. I'm so sorry to read about the stress that's affecting your appetite and I hope things are settling down for you. Best of luck with half training--looks like you've got some really nice paces!

  8. Hi there!'-)
    Checking in and sayin' hi! and nice running!

    I'm currently on a holding pattern for my own training, but am still coaching ~12 gals for a 5k in 3 wks. Then a sprint tri group for May;-)


  9. Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on the run too!!!

  10. Great job on the run! Awesome times! I agree - some days you want and need to run fast and then other days its nice to just go slow! I am loving the slower runs sometimes! Keeps everything in balance! Keep up the great work!

  11. That is an awesome run! What a confidence boost!! I'm really glad to hear that you're feeling a bit more balanced and on top of things :-)

    Exciting training plans.. Weeeeell, there's still the possibility that I run the Edinburgh half. I seem to be going ok with the reintroduction to running so far, but it's still VERY early days. So I'm being cautious. Officially, anyway ;-)