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Thursday, 5 May 2011

April Recap

April goals
Continue doing the push-up program Fail - don't know what is stopping me here?
Run 3 x weekly Half done, did it when leg was ok, but had to stop 'cause of my shin
At least maintain March mileage, would love to increase it a bit.. lets say 65! Fail
Beat last years time in the Good Friday Hill Race, the very first race I ever ran. Done :-) Recap here I knocked 6 minutes off last years time and didn't come last (like last year!)

April totals
Push-ups 205
Miles - 43.2

Well overall not too shabby... I really need to get back into those push-ups.. I seem to have some kind of wierd mental block stopping me and I'm not sure why! I'm not worried about the decreased running, I would rather be careful than injure myself in a way which would stop running for a longer time... Last night I signed up for a half marathon on June 5th so May will include a taper.. I also signed up for race for life with a few people from work, I'm excited to run it, they're both new to running I'm so pleased they signed up when I suggested we did it! I would love to break 23 minutes in this race, I think that's just about do-able! My legs feel fine now but my eating has taken a turn for the worse again so I signed up to try and motivate myself to eat enough to run! It would be sad to miss a PR 'cause I hadn't been eating enough to train properly... Anyway... May Goals

May goals
Maintain April Mileage
Stick to this bl**dy push-up program!!
Eat enough to train
Run three times a week


  1. Have you done those push ups yet today? Well?

  2. Race for life is such a blast, although I did have to readjust my mindset that it was for fun and not to try get a good time .... just way too many walkers starting up front :-)

  3. I love that you've kicked butt with speed but have a block with pushups! ;-)

  4. i couldn't stick to a push up routine either!!! i feel like if i did cardio i never wanted to do pushups before or after. and then on other days i just didn't make time or a place to get into a routine. if find a good way around this i am dying to hear it!!! :) go may!

  5. Lacey that's exactly how I am I just didn't manage to put it into words... yeah solutions please everyone!

  6. I cannot believe it's a whole year since you did that first Hill Race...seems like yesterday. Gosh time flies!

  7. You know, if you're really not feeling the pushup challenge then why not shelve it for a while. You're training so hard with the running, I don't think you need to add extra pressure..

    Also, how did I miss that you've got a shin problem? Did I miss a post? I hope you're doing ok..