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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Predator Nutrition

I've been in talks with a great website lately I'm going to be trying out some of their supplements soon.. sometimes I find it's easier to drink something down than eat a complete meal. Not saying you should use them instead of food but having stuff like that available can really help. In the past if it's been too hard to face a full meal a high nutrition shake has provided an alternative. A girl I used to work with at Holland and Barrett swears by the weight gainer type drinks as she has a really fast metabolism and finds it difficult to put on weight whilst Mike always used to like to add avocados and peanut butter to smoothies to try and gain weight. I'm looking forward to trying some stuff out anyway! Especially at the moment, anything to try and keep my weight on as easily as possible is good in my eyes!

They also sell lots of different protein powders for example whey protein I still need to get some vanilla whey protein to try JAG's protein frappucino! (why haven't I done this yet) I have bags of soya, pea and hemp protein getting dusty in the cupboard I think the plain ones just don't work too well for me, only in pancakes which I haven't made for ages and I don't know when I'll next make them I have a phobia about touching raw egg, the consistency of it just creeps me out haha so I'm gonna have to figure out how to crack an egg without Mike lol... It's the little things!!

I've been also thinking about creatine and it's benefits lately I know some people swear by it but others can't stand the stuff. What do you think? Have you used it, like it, hate it? I must admit it sounds like something which would do me good especially as vegetarians tend to be lower in it than our meat eating friends.. I will admit, I'd always thought I would never take it but recently have been feeling more inclined to give it a try

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  1. I think Alison at physically philosophical took creatine to help with her training??
    Also you can make pancakes without eggs- just add a little more liquid, make sure they have baking powder in them and they will be alright I reckon. :)

  2. Will be interested to see how you get on with the products!

  3. I've not tried creatine, but was recently talking with someone about it. I've not personally read enough about it

  4. I've been takign creatine for a couple of yeasr now and cant say enough AMAZING things about it. I love the changes I've seen and the look I get from it. :)