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Monday, 16 May 2011

National Get Grilling Week

In celebration of National Get Grilling Week 2011 the guys at George Foreman sent me a grill and lots of yummy food!

Over the week I'll be testing out a warm Asian style noodle salad, Santa fe veggie burgers, and lots more! I also have a fab giveaway coming up so you can get your hands on your own grill and join in the fun! I will be giving away the same grill I was sent, the Heritage family grill, so far I'm well impressed with it!

Here's what they sent me; the grill and all the ingredients for the tofu salad and veggie burgers, plus you can expect to see some of my experiments over the next few days too... I'm thinking aubergine and cherry tomato bruschetta... And I just combined two of the recipes for a fab pitta bread.. I'll post the recipe for that when I make it again 'cause it was too dark to get any decent pics right now..

I chose to make the tofu dish first... I've wanted to try tofu from one of these grills before and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

First I dried off my tofu and added the chopped garlic and chilli, I added a little more than one clove of garlic 'cause the cloves looked kinda small and I loooove garlic!

Then I added the wet ingredients, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil...

Sticky close up! I left this in the fridge for about 5 hours...

When I came to cook it I grilled the tofu whilst chopping the veg and cooking the noodles..

First up pak choi...

And then I show of my knife skills (or lack thereof...)

Ooooh look at those pretty grill marks! Love it!

Wilting the veg... I left it on slightly longer than the recipe recommended 'cause I wanted the pretty grill marks heh

I tossed the noodles through my leftover marinade liquid... (I wrote threw then at first, my brain has officially turned to mush through this break-up)

Topped with the veg and chopped coriander

And finally the tofu, which was definitely the star of the show!

Check that out!!
If I were to make this recipe again I would leave the coriander out.. I don't really like it, just personal taste, and I would add some more sweet chilli sauce to my veg and noodles or make up some more marinade to coat the noodles in. The tofu flavour was brilliant but the noodles and veg needed a little extra ooomph! I'll definitely be making this again though, scrummy! The recipe in full can be found on the get grilling website, here. There is also a new facebook page with more info and the food doctor Ian Marber will be doing a Q&A on Thurs between 11 and 12pm, get your questions in on twitter with the hashtag #getgrilling. Or leave them as a comment on here and I will post them in early, I am working whilst the Q&A is on unfortunately.

Do you have a George Foreman grill? Do you have any veggie recipes to share or any recommendations? If you don't have one, or you want a new one stay tuned this week, the giveaway will be here soon!

p.s. I almost forgot to say I ran 10 miles today. I'm so happy I managed to eat enough to get round it and I've done fairly well refuelling today playing on my new toy... Fingers crossed I can keep on top of this this time!


  1. yum yum!! Looks good - I haven't eaten tofu in forever! I don't know if I even like it - I didn't when I was 10 I know that!

  2. woohoo on the run!!! And that dish looks fantastic. Wanna come over and cook that for me please ;-)

  3. Well done on your run :-)

    I had a George Foreman at uni and used it nearly everyday. Somehow I've got out of the grilling groove, so will be looking out for your giveaway! The tofu looks fab :-)

  4. Yaay to the run!! Did George Foreman have a hand in getting you round? That tofu dish really does look good!

  5. congrats laura!!!! glad you got a good (long!) run in !!!!

  6. Wow 10 miles well done :)
    I have never even thought of cooking veggie stuff on them (I dont have one)_ I thought they were just for meat. That tofu looks yummy, and I suppose the bean burgers I made before could be cooked on it

  7. Yum! Sounds good thanks for the idea x x

  8. That must be the first time I have ever looked at tofu and wanted to eat it, looks really good. I don't have a GF grill ..... always wanted one though :-)

  9. Congrats on the 10 miles! I used to have a grill machine like that but wasn't using it enough to warrant the kitchen space - that grilled tofu looks amazing though!