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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Gym = Feeeeeeeeeeelin' Good

Hey guys how's everyone's day been? Mine has been better than the past few, I was feeling low as can be, despite spending time with some of my favourite people (my gran and Mike's little sister).. I was settling in for the night feeling rubbish and thinking of cracking open the Jack Daniels and my mum rung me to see if I wanted to go to the gym with her. At first I said no thinking I don't feel like leaving the house again but she twisted my arm... I went...

1km on the dreadmill with 4 incline in just over 5 mins (not too much running due to sore legs and a run planned for tomorrow)
10 mins on the x trainer (cue sweating like mad)
5 Clean and press each arm with 12.5kg... some beefy men were using the 10kgs haha I hate using the free weights section when it's full of men, I feel silly :/
5 side bends with 22.5kg each side
A few machines... not sure which lol, some my mum was using
Lots of assisted push-ups and dips
5 minutes on the vibratey machine which felt horrible.... Don't usually use this but I couldn't go on anything else 'cause I got really dizzy towards the end of the pull-ups (I thought I'd eaten enough, maybe not...) so I decided to give it a try rather than just sitting and waiting for my mum... don't think I'll do it again it was so strange!

Anyway I got home and ate my leftover tofu from yesterday (nom) and had a nice hot bath... thoughts of Jack Daniels melted away... hurrah for healthy endophins instead of boozy highs! Plus since then I made another little meal and enjoyed it so much I went back for more! That 10 miles yesterday and gym sesh have done wonders for my appetite! oh yeah and hash browns on my new toy (George Foreman) are delish!! Just what I was craving! Night all.


  1. hash browns ....aaaahhhh now you made me hungry :-)

    NEVER feel silly in the free weights section, everyone has a right to be there. Glad you opted for gym and not JD, well done.

  2. Glad you got out to the gym. It's probably good to get out. I agree with BabyWilt, don't feel silly. Just act like you own it ;-)

  3. Hash browns!! Oh my. I think I might been a George Foreman in my life...

    I'm really glad you got your endorphins instead of boozing it up. The JD always seems like a good idea for the first one or two, but then it always makes you feel worse in the end, especially when you're own your own. Good on your mum for looking out for you!

    Also, I have no idea what those vibrating plates are supposed to do really. They have one at my gym. I'm always amazed at the bodybuilder dudes who use it!

  4. Glad your feeling good - I do love a good gym session for lifting the spirits!

  5. Glad you are feeling good- the endorphins can work magic you know :)

  6. Spending some time with your Mum, plus exercise endorphins - a great way to make you feel better :-) I hope things continue upwards.