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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Grill Winner!

But first, go check out my guest post on Sweet Tooth Runners Awesome blog, the comments have been amazing! So chuffed with them :-)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand the winner is, number 35

What a co-incidence, it's Emma at Sweet Tooth Runner! Congratulations Emma, email me your address and I will pass it on to the get grilling people!


  1. Oh pickle!!!!!!!!! Will have to buy one now!!!

    Congratulations Emma :-)

  2. OHMYGOSH thank you SO SO MUCH Laura!! Aaah I'm so excited!! :D I'll email you now...


  3. Congrats to Emma :)

    I meant to say that I adored your post over at Emma's blog, particularly the amazing picture of you with red hair! It's so vibrant and really suits you.

    I don't know if I've said it before but I really admire you for being such a boxing Goddess: I am a complete coward and the only kind of punching I do is during Body Combat or Boxercise, either against thin air or pads, but even that wipes me out so I can't imagine how intense an actual fight must be.

    I hope you're bearing up okay.