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Friday, 6 May 2011

A Few Workouts

I'm really quite late posting this one, I'm sorry to be so sporadic at the moment, my life is a bit crazy right now. I know I'm always cryptic but the things causing me upset and problems involve other people and it's not really fair to be blogging about it - bear with me and hope it's over soon!

Anyway... this workout was done 2 days after the hill race and I experienced dead legs in a way I never have before. It was so incredibly frustrating not being able to punch with any force!

I did one round of pad work 3 minutes non-stop combinations, I love how tired this gets me! My punching remained strong in this round...

Then 10 rounds of 1 minute on, 1 minute off on the bag.. this is when I really started to feel my legs go and got so frustrated that even though I was putting my all into it my punches just weren't being executed with any power! This must be so bad when it happens in a fight or in sparring, I've heard people talk about the effect on your punching when your leg strength has gone but my legs have always held up for me!

After this I did 2 rounds of this circuit 20s on each station with a 1min rest in between rounds..
  • Shrugs (2 x 10kg)
  • Push-ups
  • Star Jumps
  • Rows (2 x 10kg)
  • Dips
  • High knee DB press (2 x 2.5kg)
  • Lunges
  • Punches (2 x 2.5k g)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • V-ups
  • Push-press (2 x 10kg)
  • Leg raises
  • Burpees
On Tuesday I went out for a poorly fuelled run... I managed just over 3 miles with a break in the middle to dry heave at the side of the road. Not good. My body is not happy and I need to try and give it better nourishment. I went out yesterday and stocked up on wholefoods and 'safe' foods in the hope of upping my calories. I've also started logging them on the Alpro soya vitality app on facebook I've often shied away from such things thinking when I'm eating 'normally' they can be a bit of a trigger but at the moment it's helping me to realise how little I'm eating at the moment and how much I need to make an improvement... Anyway, check it out, I'll be properly reviewing it once I've used it a bit longer.. It looks like a great free resource for people wanting to watch their weight or just be a bit more aware of what they're eating on a day to day basis. It also includes stuff like time spent with family which is pretty cool as it takes into account the fact that health and vitality isn't just about nutrition and exercise.

Well I've just managed some breakfast and ate fairly well yesterday in comparison to previous days so I'm hoping to head out for a better run soon... as I said in my last post I've signed up for a few races so it's time to get things in order!


  1. Glad the app is helpful for you...I downloaded it but am now too scared to use it because I think I'd be horrified with the total calories it gave me, plus I don't weigh foods so can be in denial that way.

    It's interesting to hear how leg fatigue can affect the arms too, although it could be general exhaustion manifesting in weaker arms (particularly with lack of fuel), or the fact that you might be carrying tension in your shoulders when you run, which obviously fatigues some of the muscles you'd use boxing.

    Hope you can get back on track for those races :)


  2. Girl I hope things look up for you soon!!

  3. Take care of yourself Laura. Dry heaving at the side of the road is not a good sign! In all seriousness though, I hope you've got some good support around you :-)

  4. yay races :)

    ((hugs)) that life stresses get easier for you!

  5. Oh that does not sound good (the dry heaving)- hope you get your stuff sorted.
    The app sounds interesting, will look forward to hearing what you think. And yay for races

  6. Hi Laura,
    I have missed you! I am sorry to hear about the stress and craziness in your life. If it makes you feel any better...we all have it at times. Hugs:)

    You are still working out like a rock star! I am always so amazed with what you do and what those workouts include. Keep it up Laura! You are awesome!

  7. yikes, dry heaving. :( i'm sorry :( hopefully things feel more balanced soon.
    recently i was put on a pretty structured meal plan and am working with a nutritionist for various reasons. i eat really regularly, but not a lot each time. and i wake up and eat breakfast right away (unless i do a short run first, like 3-4 mi, just a couple times a week usually). it makes a huge difference having a balanced breakfast first thing, at least in terms of how i've felt lately. a new thing is also a small snack between bfast and lunch and also between lunch and dinner. and instead of doing calories, we work in exchanges which i LOVE (carbs, proteins, fat, veggies, fruits). let me know if you want any more info!

  8. Hope things are brighter for you very soon (:
    Take care of yourself xxxx