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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

5 Mile Mishap

So I set out for my 5 mile tempo run before lunch, I was supposed to be running at mid tempo pace for all 5 miles which for me is 8.43... I did not feel confident I could do it so I decided to start slow and build up the pace hoping to finish faster than an 8.43 pace and therefore balance my pace out. Mike's garmin is usually set to lap every mile so in my head I had the rough paces planned out per mile and I knew I could calculate if I was on target as I went along the run.

I started off at a 9.15ish pace and was hoping to be at about 8.50 for mile 2, I then sped up to an 8.30 pace coming up to mile 3. I was wondering why is this so hard. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, it was going at 189bpm and it was so hard to run at an 8.30 pace, I didn't understand it. I felt really dizzy so I hit pause cause it just wasn't going right. I got fed up and reset the garmin because I though eff this I'm just going home I felt so awful. I started looking up the run on the garmin to see if I could figure out what was going on and then I realised. Mike had turned the lap setting off on his interval run. I was running a 6.55 pace at my fastest. No wonder I felt awful, I've never run a 6.55 pace before!! And it was telling me I was running an 8.32 pace while the data on the garmin training centre shows that at the time I thought I was doing an 8.32 I was actually in the low 7m/m pace for quite a long time. My pace was all skewed because it was accounting for my slow warm up mile.

After realising this was why the run wasn't going to plan I felt a bit better. I sucked it up and decided to finish the 5 miles. I don't like quitting without a good reason... once I'd gotten over my, why isn't this working out strop anyway!

So I still don't know if I could have run the correct pace because I had a rest in the middle while I tried to figure out why I felt like I was going to pass out!! Honestly, when technology goes wrong it really throws you hah!
Here's my stats - no splits for obvious reasons haha

Part 1
2.83 miles in 24.08 average pace 8.32, average HR 176, max 189

Part 2
2.22 miles in 18.57 average pace 8.32, average HR 183, max 188

5.05 miles in 43.05
Would have been a PR if I hadn't had to stop in the middle to figure out what was going on.. but it took me a while so I certainly got my HR down which allowed me to carry on.

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  1. watch trouble is the worst. back when i didn't have a garmin it didn't matter as much and i would run on feel and push without killing myself, you know? now that i have a garmin i'm always looking at the pace and trying to get a certain pace. DEF helpful, but when it's not working then you're TOTALLY thrown off :) like in the rain sometimes it goes "OFf" training screen and i stop b/c i'm like, is it working? and it turns out it was still running the clock the whole time. BOO. hehe.

    great run tho, finishing 5 miles strong esp with pushing yourself ! great job!

  2. bummer about the watch but you totally rocked it out with this run. i like to do progressive tempos (which it seems like you did) because i like easing into really fast stuff, plus i figure that's how i race (slow --> fast) so it's all good there

  3. Bugger! I bet you were well miffed wondering what the hell was going on! At least it was the technology that was off rather than something not right in yourself x

  4. hey girlie!!
    oh my this would be soooo frustrating! and this is part of the reason I DO NOT run with technology other than my simple watch. I don't want some stupid little device dictating how I feel on my run. I'm so glad you can home and look up your information though to see that you were actually running fast and hitting your target pace!
    I hope you have a great day chica!

  5. A screwed up garmin is responsible for my 10k pr. It was saying I was running much slower than I never really know what your body can do if you hold it to a number.
    Nice 6:55 pace! Ouch!

  6. Wow! That's a crazy pace...I can barely do that in Ks :)

  7. I'm impressed! Obviously you need to use the garmin on that setting all the time from now on... then again, maybe it won't be so motivating now that you've sussed it out!
    I have a POLAR HRM, can't figure it out so I don't currently use it... The last time I tried was doing the 30 day shred (that tells you how long ago it was) and it just stopped half way through the program...

  8. Ahhh! I've had some recent Garmin incidents as well. I'm so dependent on it! Love my stats ... but it's especially needed on those interval days. I've never actually intentionally ran a tempo run at a set pace, but it's something I should try!

  9. Hi Laura,
    Oh, I so feel your pain!! I felt the same crappy way during my 10k when I was trying to keep up with the speedy chicks:) When you are running out of your normal comfort kicks your butt! Nice job on your workouts:)