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Sunday, 25 April 2010

9 Miles and All Sorts!

Whew it's been a while since I got a blog post in! It's been a pretty busy week, I've been out of the house 7.30-6.30 every day which has taken its toll! I'll be glad when my hours go down to my usual shifts, I just haven't had the time or energy to do everything I usually do! Like reading my blogs every day, I've missed that a lot! And I've had very little energy for my usual workout schedule! I just need to get my body and mind used to working and when it goes down to my usual hours figure out a schedule that works.. I'm hoping it will be a bit better next week!

Mike has been awesome though, making me a packup everyday and cooking my tea! He made me a gorgeous mushroom pasta dish, made the sauce from scratch. He even made a porcini mushroom stock to flavour the sauce with. Now that I can get used to! I had to snap some pics to show you all. I've just saved the best... the rest weren't great... guess I was too impatient to tuck in!

I can't remember when I did this workout... I think it might have been Thursday... Anyway we did minute drills and a core workout... I'm not sure why they're called minute drills since the different exercises only last 30s each!

Minute drills
30s burpees
30s alternate stance screw shots
30s jumping jacks
30s burpees with variation (180 degrees, tuck jump, max height)
30s jumping jacks
30s high knee dumbell press

x 5 rounds

Partner workout, one person did ab roll-outs whilst the other did a core move for however long it took the ab-roll-out person to finish. I can't remember what core moves we did anymore! The roll-outs were done from 10 down to 1 so it got easier and faster towards the end... This was one of the toughest core workouts I've ever done!! So painfull!!

Dismal Weekly Totals
Miles - 3.1
Push-ups - 65
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 0
Neck Exercises - 0
Isometric Punches - 0
Wrist Curls - 0
Core - 2

Ohhh man they are bad!! I'm embarrassed to write them on the blog :-( Bas Rutten saved me on the core and push-ups! Ha ha he really was to the rescue this week!

Today is the start of a new week! I'm working the same hours as last week Tuesday-Saturday but hopefully I won't be as tired this week! I am looking forward to going down to my contracted hours though! I worked a 44 hour week last week with travel time and breaks on top of that and going from nothing to that was tough! (My contracted hours are 26 - that will seem a breeze after the first few weeks I think) I've appreciated today a lot though! Time to run, to spend time with Mike, to read my blogs, to write a post... All the things I was taking for granted while I was looking for a job! I'm totally apprehensive about next week though, the manager is on holiday and I will be the most senior member of staff there and I still feel like I have too much to learn to be in charge haha! Hopefully I remember enough to get me through without having to ring the other stores up too often!! Eesh!

Right, enough work talk! Today I ran a good 9 miles. I felt fairly strong for most of it but the last 3 miles were hard, I was breathing fairly heavy! I still had something in me to finish strong and got the negative splits I was aiming for! I was supposed to run at HMP+20 today which since my 5k on Tuesday is 9.21, I ended up averaging 9.15 per mile. I don't know what my heart rate was because the monitor needs a new battery.

9 miles in 1:23:21

Mile 1 - 9.31
Mile 2 - 9.30
Mile 3 - 9.25
Mile 4 - 9.19
Mile 5 - 9.19
Mile 6 - 9.15
Mile 7 - 9.15
Mile 8 - 9.11
Mile 9 - 8.35

I'm getting there with this negative split business! Pretty happy with my last mile too, when I ran 10 I had next to nothing left in the tank at the end but I managed to push out a strong final mile, even though it's not as long a distance I feel like I'm improving my endurance, and I didn't feel quite so shocking afterwards this time either! Hurrah!

I'm going to leave you with some animal pics and pics of our garden, Mike, his mum and her husband sorted it all out, cut the grass neatened it up aaaand they gave us a rather awesome hammock..


  1. way to get those negative splits girl! i always feel so great when that happens :)

    and too cute for mike making you a packup (a packed lunch?) and tea! lucky you :)

  2. Great job on your run...those a amazing times! That dish looks delicious...mmmmm yay Mike.

    It must definitely be tough to get used to working so many hours...hope you can go down to your contracted hours soon! Hang in there.

  3. Hi Laura,
    Nice work this week! Awesome time splits on your run:)

    Dinner looks so good...Where can I find a Mike? My hubby can make frozen pizza:)

  4. Great times on your run! I hope I can get my speed up like that eventually. Hope that you find a better work / life balance soon, I bet your knackered going from nothing to working 44 hours in a week and still doing some working out!

  5. I have to admit I've always wondered how the full-time workers manage to work-out and blog every day! Hope it gets easier soon!

  6. It must be tough to try to fit it all in! I am lucky enough to work from home, so it's easier to blog, etc. this way. I hope this week goes well for you.

  7. Going from not working to full time work is a terrible shock to the system. Though I had mine 8 years ago now so the shock has kind of mellowed to just "oh get on with it". Your body will definitely adapt to the tiredness but you have to become really regimented if you want to fit lots of things in...grrr stupid 24 hours in a day...mutter mutter..need more..