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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Gym and New Job

Mike and I went to the new gym for the first time last night, the training times are pretty late so we pretty much got home ate tea and crashed! I also had my first day at my new job today, I'm really behind on reading all my favourite blogs which makes me sad! I'll be round to say hi soon!

So, the new gym! The training seems pretty good and we got to spar yipeee! Sadly though, we went in our boxing boots so when everyone went out for a 5 mile run we had to skip... I'd pick running over skipping any day of the week so I was gutted! At least we know for next time, take trainers!

There was another girl very close to my weight and similar experience to me so I got some good sparring. Only problem was after the coach saw me on the bags he asked me to go light on her and I ended up going a bit too light on her in the first round and I wasn't throwing enough punches.. I always worry when I have to go light on people cause I don't want to hurt someone who isn't ready for that level.. This girl didn't really need me to go too light on her though which I didn't realise at first. The first round I just took all her shots on my gloves, and she threw a lot! I've never had anyone come flying at me like that before haha, she tired quickly because she threw too much but it was good to be bullied. Now I know that I can block shots when someone comes out like that and that I don't clam up. The second round I still wasn't as busy as I could have been but I continued to block most of her shots and get some good ones in myself. The coach told me in the third round to up it a bit so I did! The third round was definately my best, I threw a lot of good shots and controlled the ring but she did land some good shots too, she threw a lot of hooks which were landing well for her so I had a sore ear at the end haha!

All in all the sparring was competetive and I think we could get a lot out of each other! It seemed like the coach underestimated her as I heard him say to her afterwards that he'd never seen her spar like that! Maybe having another girl to spar with was what she needed to be more competetive and bring out her best. Here's the training we did;

Skipping 30 mins! Damn not bringing trainers!!
Heavy bag 8 x 2 mins 30s rest
Sparring 3 x 2 mins
Cool down 10 mins

I enjoyed it apart from the skipping! The training finished at 9.30 so although I had all the good intentions to write my blog straight away and share my training with you I crashed as soon as I got in!

I had my first day at the new job today. It went pretty well, there was a lot to take in but nothing too hard. I enjoyed the job but I did have a major gripe about it. I was asked to be there at 8.30am until 6pm but I am only paid from 9-5.30... I didn't say anything today because the other manager is in the same position and it's not up to her it's the head office who's saying that but I am not happy about it and I'm not working an extra hour for free every day. I was out from 7.30am and didn't get home until 7, that's almost 12 hours I'm out and to only be paid for 7.5 hours is really frustrating... I'm not sure what to do about it... If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or advice I would really welcome them!

I ate half of my chocolate pulsin pre workout disc on the bus on the way home, it was pretty nice and wasn't too heavy on my stomach before I went out and run a 5k time trial!! The run was soo bloody hard! Even though Mike came with me for some moral support and company I felt sick from mile 1.3 onwards! I think I started a bit fast but that's always my problem! My legs felt bad on the run cause I'd had tough sparring the night before and been on my feet all day.. I absolutely could not believe it when I beat my old 3 mile time, 3 miles in 24.20! 13 seconds off my old time :D aaand that's my new years goal for 3 miles ticked off so maybe I can go for under 24...

Anyway... here are my stats!

3.1 miles in 25.08 average pace 8.06 average HR 179 max HR 190

Mile 1 8.02 HR 169
Mile 2 8.22 HR 183
Mile 3 7.58 HR 185
0.1 .47.58 HR 189

Right I'm off to try and catch up on all my blogs! Hope everyone is good!


  1. glad you got so much sparring in! bummer about not being able to go on the run. i'm clearly biased but running > skipping (is it like jump rope?) any day haha :)

  2. I totally had the Rocky theme in my head while reading your gym recap! Have you seen Girlfight? Love that movie :)

    As for the work dilemma, I worked in shops when I was a student and it was standard practise to work up to 45 mins a day unpaid- 15 at beginning and 30 at end, depending on shift times. As a teacher I do a huge amount of unpaid overtime (last year I worked in an SEN school and worked a 65+hr week) but you are paid an hourly rate so should be paid for the hours you work. Being that you are new I would toe the line for at least a month before making any decisions. You might decide that you don't like the job anyway or that you want to stay in the good books and aim for promotion. I'm looking forward to seeing what others suggest too :)

  3. Great run! And excellent luck that you found such a satisfying sparring partner at the new gym :o)

    As for the work thing, if the extra hours weren't just for the first day/few days to start learning the ropes etc., maybe you could ask for clarification on the hours in your contract if it's not to stressy; "I'm a bit unclear about the hours in my contract as you've asked me to come in 08:30 to 18:00 but my contract says 09:00 to 17:30 so I was expecting to work those hours." type thing. And/or ask if there is more work on at the moment than usual as you were expecting to be doing a 7.5 hour day. I'm assuming you're in a probationary period at the moment, so it's best to thrash out these details during that period and remember that probations are a two-way process, as thirtyandhealthy said you might find out that you don't actually like the job in that period or you might love it and decide it's worth putting in a bit more than they're contracting you for and come to a compromise on the hours.

    In the sectors I've worked in, all but one it was normal to work a bit extra, usually in return for a bit of flexibility from the employer in terms of coming in a bit late/leaving a bit early on occasion for medical appointments etc.

  4. The skipping sounds pretty funny (and frustrating!). Glad you had a good experience with the new gym and potential sparring partner.

  5. Good job with the sparring...and on your 3 mile PR :)

    As for work, I think you've gotten some pretty good advice there above...I'm sure you'll do what's best for you.

  6. Great workout, and great run! Way to kick up the pace for that last mile!

  7. Awesome Run!

    I am so excited for you...finding a sparring partner!!!

  8. wow, this is an action pact post! the sparring. so cool! I've never done anything like your sparring workouts and I'm jealous!

    and w/the work. it looks like totk has a good piece of advice. take the risk and do it! sounds like you will;-)

  9. Sounds like you had a great time at the gym apart from the skipping! I think the extra time at work is an unfortunate thing about working in shops. My hubby starts work early and doesn't get paid, it sucks. I would bring it up with them now like TOTkat says, at least then you have some clarification on how things are going to be. I think its really bad of employers to expect that when your on an hourly rate. Hope you get it sorted x