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Thursday, 29 April 2010

My First Competition Win and a Strength Workout

I don't know how people with full time jobs keep up with their training and blogging! I've been so rushed since I started work, I can't wait for it to go down to my contracted hours. When is it Sunday...? Too far away!

I got home last night and Mike and I got straight into a strength workout... if I'd have sat down that would have been it!

DB Clean and Press 8.5kg 2 x 8
Negative pull-ups then chin-ups p x 2, c x 3
DB Bench Press 8.5kg 2 x 10
DB Curl 7.5kg 1 x 8, 1 x 7
BB Wrist Curls 22kg 30
BB Reverse Wrist Curls 12kg 30

So glad to get that done and out of the way! I've lost a lot of motivation with being so tired lately, I hope it comes back when I get used to it and get my hours where they should be! Mind you... I was motivated to box but Mike split his knuckle so we couldn't go... I had to deal with the most obnoxious, rude, horrible delivery man in the morning at work, yuck! He should have stayed at home, he'd broken down on the way so was already grumpy. Then he didn't help get the stuff out of the truck which he was supposed to do (he just sat in the cab waiting...they're supposed to help move it all) so he was parked for too long and was already late and then got a parking ticket... karma? Anyway, after he had yelled at me for the parking ticket and muttered about how bad the job was I could have really gone and hit some bags! I was shaking when I got back in the store.. I can't deal with people like that!! I was thinking of clever comebacks I could have said to him all morning after he'd left... Why is it thy don't come in your head at the right time haha!

A few of you asked for a bit more information about Seed, I'm not sure why I didn't post a link actually... silly me! You can visit the website here, it's being updated at the moment but it still has lots of information on it and you can read an article about one of the co-founders here who just got a really well deserved MBE! I'm so proud of her she really deserves it, all of them deserve one actually, they put so many hours and care into the charity and it helps so many people, myself included.

The basic work of the charity is the self help group, the sufferers and carers group and a carers workshop which they run fairly regularly. I think it's really great that they provide so much help for the carers too as it's easy to forget how much an eating disorder can affect the people close to the person suffering with one.

After the horrible delivery man yesterday I did get home to some good news! I won my first competition!! It totally made my day! I won Robin's Earth Day giveaway!! I am soon to be the proud owner of an arm pocket! Now I have somewhere to put my camera on runs so you can expect a lot more pictures in the future :-) I'm so excited to try it out!

When I logged on to my email to send Robin my address I had another email waiting for me, I have been included on a list for the 50 best blogs for serious runners! That was pretty cool :-) I don't really look at myself too much as a runner, more a boxer who runs, and loves to run! I'm so chuffed to be included on the list, go check it out here, there are some other great blogs on there too!

Well I'm swiftly running out of time before another day at work! I best go get myself ready, I nearly missed my bus yesterday, it went past the top of the street I was walking down and was going to a stop about 200-300 metres away!! I decided to run and hope for the best... Somehow I made it... All this running is paying off in more ways than one haha

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Yay for all that good news!
    Grr people like that delivery man make my blood boil. When I cool down I usually end up feeling sorry for them though, anyone with that much stress and anger in their life is going to have a short and miserable one. Hope you don't have too many more dealings with him. You're doing so well to continue training and blogging with working so much!

  2. wow so much good stuff going on :) congrats on everything! except the delivery man. that stinks.

    hope work starts to calm down. i totally feel the exact same way with my school work right now.

  3. You always think of the best come backs after the event don't you! Sooo frustrating! That delivery man sounded like a total nightmare, at least karma got him. Congrats on winning your first competition x

  4. Wow--life is sweet! congrats.

  5. Great news on the competition win and the shortlisting too! And yah boo sucks to the horrible delivery man; serves him right getting a ticket :o)

  6. Woohoo for the cool stuff happening...and congrats :)

  7. So sorry to hear about Mr. Grumpy delivery man...that sucks! Congrats on winning your first competition and for the blogger giveaway:) I would of been very happy too!!

  8. Nice, nice, and nice! very cool on the bloggy award and giveaway win;-) And I SO hear you on the work/training/blogging balance. I don't have a full time job, and I often think how do ps do it w/5 kids, or a full time job, etc, etc.

    and thanks for the seed link. going to go look at it;-)

  9. very cool program. thanks so much for sharing;-)