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Monday, 26 April 2010

Interval Time

Mike and I went to the track to do our intervals today, when we got there there was a school PE class going on so we waited for them to finish.. They were doing 800s too, there was a really speedy kid who got a 3.01 on his last interval and was soo far ahead of the rest of the group. When they were done we got on with our training.

5 x 800m, 400m RI, prescribed pace of 3.47 per interval.

1 mile warm up @ 9.30 pace
1 - 3.38
2 - 3.43
3 - 3.45
4 - 3.47
5 - 3.43
400m cool down

After that we did some chin-ups and push-ups I did 5 chin-ups and 35 push-ups. We found a convenient bar to do our pull-ups from, glad we got them out of the way this morning... I can't see myself doing anything else tonight, I'm knackered!

Did I mention I'm on the board of trustees now for Seed? The eating disorder charity I've mentioned a few times before? Well it's the AGM tomorrow night which will be the first meeting I attend as a trustee, very exciting! I hope I can be part of lots of exciting developments with the charity.

Right I'm off to finish watching Glee... Even though it's a Madonna episode and I cannot stand her blehhh!


  1. you should have joined the PE class for those 800s ;) hahah

    congrats on being on the board of trustees! i think you'd totally be an asset to the charity

  2. Nice job on the intervals! Congrats on your position with Seed, that is awesome!

  3. Congrats for being on the board of trustees for Seed!!
    Good for you for getting those intervals and your workout rock!

  4. Its great that your on the board of trustees for Seed, I'm sure you'll find it really interesting. Hope your local Council for Voluntary Service is supporting you and the charity as well! (I work for a CVS in Co Durham and we support all kinds of charities. Hope the AGM goes well!

  5. I bet those kids thought you were nutters for running when you don't have to! I hated running at school, still not a fan right enough! Hope the AGM goes well tonight :)

  6. I love the show Glee!! I rented the entire season and the whole family enjoyed it so much I went our and purchased the DVD series:)

    Keep working hard! You are doing awesome!

  7. congrats on the Seed! Do you have a link to read more about them?

  8. Ahhh Glee; the guilty secret of many ;o)