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Thursday, 8 April 2010

8 Fun Miles and a Strength Fail!

Yesterday I decided to go on a nice long run and just enjoy it! I've been very concerned with my pacing lately and I don't think it's good to be too obsessive about it, especially when I'm not always managing what I set out to do I end up feeling really down about it when things don't work out. I decided to ignore my pace for the run and go on heart rate. I aimed to start slow and keep my heart rate below 175 for the most of the run and then finish my last mile strong. This seemed to work really well, I was so surprised when I got home and looked at my pace, my average pace was 9.17, a lot faster than I thought I had gone. I still had quite a bit of energy at the end too, if I wasn't worried about increasing my mileage too quickly I would have gone for another mile or two! My average heart rate including the last faster mile was 173 so I was happy with that too, hopefully some more runs like this will help build my aerobic fitness and endurance.

8 miles in 1:14:16
Mile 1 - 9.50 HR 156
Mile 2 - 9.15 HR 171
Mile 3 - 9.02 HR 175
Mile 4 - 9.05 HR 175
Mile 5 - 9.16 HR 174
Mile 6 - 9.35 HR 175
Mile 7 - 9.40 HR 175
Mile 8 - 8.33 HR 183

It rained the whole run yesterday, which I actually welcomed a bit, it was nice and cooling and refreshing! The weather today is just beautiful though, if my knees weren't achey I would have gone and done my intervals today... I bet it's raining again tomorrow haha. Speaking of my knees, I think they're aching cause I didn't manage to ice them yesterday, they felt good after the run but they got really stiff last night.. I must remember to ice my knees after running it really seems to help. I didn't do them yesterday cause just as I was about to sit down to my lunch and some ice packs my mum rung and said she was outside with my gran and grandad and was it ok to come in for a bit so I put lunch on hold and said of course! It was my grandad's first meeting with Tia, she liked him and sat on his knee the whole time they were here :-) cute!

Today I had a bit of a failed strength workout :( I started with a deadlift which didn't feel bad at the time, in fact I felt like I could have gone a lot heavier but apparently it completely fried my body and I had no strength what so ever in the other exercises.

Deadlift 40kg 2 x 6
DB Clean and Press
10kg 1 x 3, 1 x 1
Pull-ups Negatives 1 x 2
Chin-ups Negatives 1 x 2
Weighted Push-ups 5kg 2 x 8
DB Curl 7kg 2 x 8
BB Wrist Curls 22kg 30
BB Reverse Wrist Curls
12kg 30
Neck Curls
10kg 40

I did that workout in the morning and in the early evening I got some bodyweight work done including core to get my two in this week! I did a circuit consisting of

2 x pull-up/chin-up
1 x close push-up (2 sets) - 6 x normal push-up (2 sets) - 8 x wide push-up
(1 set)
10 x standing ab roll-outs to a wall

x 5 rounds

My arms are killing me now!! No more work today! We were going to do some yoga after the circuit but we ended up tidying our workout/junk room a bit... it needed doing! Tada!

Makeshift punchbag stand - not bought a ceiling hook yet!

Weights, skipping rope, resistance bands, deck of cards with workouts on

gloves, headguards, pads, gumshields

Core challenge update. The following people are signed up, it's not too late to join in if you want to! Anne had the great idea of using a logo if you are participating, I had Mike help me make one read make me one...

Anne Marie

Oh and I had a heart shaped plum which I had to take a picture of...


  1. That's a cute logo;-) dig it.
    and don't you think deadman lifts are decieving? they feel like you're not doing much, but i swear a few hour later i feel it big time!

  2. just posted the badge on my blog;-)

  3. Love the badge, so cute! I'll put it up tonight. I plan on adding some core/abs after my run tonight!

  4. Nice run! You are progressing nicely!
    Count me in, my core needs all the challenge it can get!

  5. Very cool logo :) :) has been posted on my sidebar!

  6. great 8 miles!!!

    i looooooooooove the logo!!! way too cute!

  7. Yes the logo is really cute!

    I love the shelving you have in your workout room! I should really look into getting something similar to put my weight plates out on they are just stacked up on their boxes and look messy...