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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Weekly Totals and a New Addition to our Furbaby Family!

I was planning on doing my core workout after my 10 miler yesterday but as I mentioned I had some stomach problems and I was just really tired so I decided to postpone it to today!

Mike and I did 15 minutes of him shouting out exercises and me doing as I was told haha I like it that way though, I don't have to think about it haha... I'll try and remember what we did...

Leg raises
2 minute plank
Side Plank (with bounce)
Sit-ups with a twist
1 minute ab wheel hold
Crunch holds

I'm pretty sure I forgot a few exercises but you get the gist! I've not tested my max plank again yet but I nearly dropped before 2 minutes... It's so hard after the leg raises!! Bahh I hate leg raises...but that means they must work so I must keep doing them haha

Weekly Totals
Miles - 19.3
Push-ups - 61
Chin-ups - 13
Pull-ups - 3
Neck Exercises - 0
Isometric Punches - 0
Wrist Curls - 0
Core - 2

I'm still not doing as many chin-ups and push-ups as I'd like, I really need to get into better routine with them but I'm not sure how, maybe I should try doing them first thing... I've seen on some other blogs people doing them first thing and it seems to work for them! Maybe doing a few sets of 10 most mornings would be the way forward.... Must try it this week!

In other news, Mike's dad dropped off our new rabbit! Meet Scooby!

He was their rabbit but they got a cat and the rabbit doesn't get much attention anymore and they didn't really want him anymore so he's ours now :) I love rabbits so we didn't have to think much about having him! He's very sweet and has made friends with the guinea pigs already, he seems to like Grace a lot!

Here's some more pics from today, animals and some BBQ pics... didn't take enough BBQ pics really!

The table, salad, sauces and green tea! Yum!

Cooking away

Trudy likes the shade

Getting Scooby out for cuddles

Just chillin'
Tia was very interested in her new friend.. and a bit scared... wimpy cat!

Trudy made a little dug out

Gracie with her favourite garden treat: dandelion leaves!

Nom, nom, nom...

Scooby likes Gracie!

I love our little animal family! Hope everyone's having a great weekend, and enjoying the sunshine!


  1. I had a guinea pig when I was a teenager called Mowgli- I loved him but my Mum gave him away as she said I never cleaned out his cage. What did she expect? I was a teenager! Now that I'm a tad responsible I definitely want to get another pet :) I'm a little freaked out by rabbits though, no idea why! Oh and if Mike wants to come and yell at me to do exercises so I get off this sofa he'll be very welcome :)

  2. HEY GIRLIE! my comment on your comment(in case you don't see it!):
    hey Laura!
    I cut back on caffeine the week before a race/event for both the dehydrating & stimulus effects. By not drinking as much coffee in the morning I drink more water…which hydrates and prepares my cells better for an intense race. And lowering the amount of caffeine I get all week=LESS needed on race day in order to feel a little ENERGIZED by just 1-cup….I can’t drink a lot and then RUN, so the less caffeine needed to stimulate my body to GO GO GO…means the less coffee in my bladder! (hehe…sorry TMI!)…
    …it could be all psychological! but i’ve been doing this for years before swim meets, and now I do it before running races.
    ~so excited you just got a rabbit! HOW FUN!

  3. awww such cute rabbits playing in the sunshine!

    and don't stress too much about your push/chin ups not being where you'd like. youre about 61 pushups and 13 chin up ahead of me ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, your pets are adorable! I can't get over the hair on Gracie - so cute! They made me smile; thanks for sharing!

    Hope your stomach is feeling better!

  5. Hi Laura,
    Man, everytime that I read your workouts for the week I end up feeling super LAZY! Nice work on getting it done:)

    Scooby is so daughter would go nuts if I let her have a bunny:) Your animals are all so very cute!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  6. Your little furbabbies are gorgeous! Looks like you had a really fun day x