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Friday, 16 April 2010

Double Digits

Yesterday was such a busy day! I had a job interview in the morning, it lasted 1hr 20 and I think it went well. The job is really cool, I hope I get it!! I'm not sure when I'll find out, the lady had a lot of people to interview and said there might be a second round... I feel quietly confident, I know I could do the job, I just hope someone with lots more experience didn't turn up after me!

EDIT! I just got a phonecall.... I got the job!! I will be an assistant manager at Holland And Barrett, I'm going to get lots of training about all the natural supplements and sports products they do which is really interesting to me :-) So excited! I've been unemployed way too long, it will be great to get into work! The only downside is it will probably take a little while for me to find my fitness rhythm again and figure out when I find it best to train when I'm working but that will come with time! :D yay!

After my interview I got home, ate lunch and we went straight to a course, Coaching and Mentoring. The course was just awful... and I have two more 4 hr sessions!! From the syllabus I expected something like sports coaching and the type of mentoring I'm going to be doing with Mind. It was all corporate mentoring and coaching. And it was done in such a school classroom style, it felt really oppressive and the information just didn't seem useful. I didn't agree with a lot of the things he was teaching and on several occaisions he had really obvious grammatical errors on the slide show... I'm not saying I'm grammatically perfect, especially in my blog posts because I don't always check them thoroughly but come on - if you're leading a course you should have checked your course material! I'm dreading the next two weeks, seriously considering not going back... It could get better though, maybe? Who knows, I hope so!! They need a better description in the prospectus haha

When we got home from the course we were soo tired! We ate tea and sat down for a bit before getting some push-ups and chin-ups done. I was really concentrating on the chin-ups from dead hang so Mike was giving me a little support so I could get the full range of movement, I think I'm improving, I wish I'd started from dead hang in the beginning though, I have so much catch up to do now! I got 10 Chin-ups and 35 push-ups done, some of the push-ups on the dreaded handles!

Today I ran 10 miles!! My first double digit run, it was tough! A lot tougher than 8 was, I got pretty dehydrated too, I need to start taking water on my longer runs I can't get enough in me now! The run was a relaxed run at no specific pace according to my plan so I just went on how I felt, I was going to go on HR and keep it in a comfortable zone but something went wrong with the heart rate readings, think it needs a new battery... it was telling me my HR was in the low 90s for a lot of the run... I know that's not right! So I'll just give you the mile times!

10 miles in 1:35:43 average pace 9.35

Mile 1 9.36
Mile 2 9.37
Mile 3 9.32
Mile 4 8.54
Mile 5 8.58
Mile 6 10.11
Mile 7 10.12
Mile 8 9.41
Mile 9 9.33
Mile 10 9.25

The wierd time differences between miles 4-5 and 6-7 were down to wind on the bridge, it was clearly helping me in miles 4-5 but it was pushing me back in miles 6-7... they were tough miles, I just wasn't close enough to the end to not be bothered by the wind, 3-4 miles seemed so far at that point!

I felt so poorly after the run, I had the worst stomach cramps and for the first time after running had no appetite what so ever. I felt really sick and I thought I was going to be sick several times! I had to force down a bowl of cereal cause we had to go out as soon as I'd showered... Not nice! Anyone have any tips or ideas for how to avoid the tummy troubles after running? I hope it was just a bad day and not to do with the distance increase because that will make the half marathon training pretty grim!

Well I'm off now to refuel with a takeaway at Mike's Mums, it's her birthday tomorrow so we're off to celebrate!

By the way, head over to Marcia and Karyn's blogs and wish them luck for Boston on Monday!! They are going to be awesome :D


  1. Well done on the job! Thats awesome news! Plus that sounds like such a fantasic job, we'll all be asking you for recomendations for suppliments and health foods. I'm well chuffed for you Laura. Nice one with the 10 miles, hope your tummy is better x

  2. CONGRATS!! but wow! 1:20?!?! that's one freaking long interview!!

    awesome job on the 10 miles :) bummer about the stomach issues. i find that i get the most issues when i try to eat too soon to finishing a run, unfortunately that's when it's "best" to eat. but dairy hits me the worst so i try to avoid that. but it seems like your issues were during the run? sounds like low blood sugar and you may want to experiment with what you're eating pre-run

    and thanks for the shoutout :)

  3. Congratulations on the job! That's brilliant news and sounds like an great job, perfect for your interest in healthy and food!
    And well done on the 10 mile run too, I can't imagine being able to run that far...

  4. congrats on the job and your run!!!!!!!!!!!1 time to celebraaaaaaaaaaaate!!!! woo hoo!!!

  5. Congrats on getting the job...woohoo!

    As for your tummy real advice, but I will say, that I ran my own first 10 miles last Saturday and I had water and those special jelly beans for fuel and one of my bottles contained gatorade. I felt great after my run and no excess fatigue in the afternoon or evening. I'm thinking 10 miles is a lot and maybe you need to drink and fuel a bit now...especially since it's a new distance. Maybe :)

    BTW...I did my plank to day (finally) after yoga and strength training. Ugh...I only lasted 80 seconds. Oh well, I know I can do better by the end of the challenge.
    Today, I did my plank, some abs with the medicine ball (lean back and back up and then left and right...sorry I don't know the real names for these) 4 X 10 of each. Plus 2 X 10 leg lifts. And last Wednesday I went to yoga and did lots of core work throughout the session. :)

  6. Yay! 10 miles and a new job! You are on a roll. Plank today was 25secs, a slight improvement, was just looking at the second hand on my alarm clock sat under my nose cursing it to go faster!

  7. yeah!!! So happy for you and the job. And I'm looking forward to hearing about all you learn from your job. share the knowledge baby!

    and I haven't done push ups now for ~2 weeks. the horror. We'll i did 2 sets of 20 today and it nearly killed me! i used to do 3 sets of 20 w/virtual ease...i'll ease back into it...;-)

  8. Hey gorgeous girlie!!
    HECK YES to landing the JOB!!! CONGRATS BIG TIME! :)
    and heck yeahhhh to your 1st double DIGI!!! run run run! you soooo should try foam's amazing how much better I feel even after a quick roll! when is your 1/2?
    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  9. Congrats for landing the new job! That's excellent. And your first double-digit run in the same week! As to the cramping afterwards--I'd look at what you did before or during the run as the potential culprit. Maybe try something different next time?

  10. Congrats on the job and your first 10-miler!

    You were probably feeling so badly because you had no water (and I'm guessing food?) during your run. You definitely need to drink, and should also fuel yourself during any run over an hour. Gu, Luna Moons and Sharkies are some of my favorites, but you could always chop up a bar (Cliff, Lara, etc) into pieces and have a few bites every half hour or so ...