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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bas Rutten to the Rescue!

Mike and I just had some good news, I'm super excited! We have found a new gym :-) Mike has been on the phone to the trainer and all being well lift wise we will be going to train there tomorrow!! I'm really, really excited! They run a mini bus service too which is great for us since we don't drive, for 50p they will pick us up, how good is that! And there is a girl there close to my weight so I will probably have a girl to spar with, I hope they put me in with the lads too though so I get lots of different partners!

We had a surprisingly busy morning today! On busy days good old Bas Rutten comes out in audio form to shout our workout at us! It makes it so much easier to train when you don't have to think too much about it! We did his all round workout which is just under half an hour of intense bag work, squat jumps, push-ups, core work (check 1 for the week!), neck work and some tuck jumps thrown in for good rest! I did 65 push-ups in total... my arms feel like jelly hehe

I had a big baking session today, as well as baking apple buns recipe here, I made the chocolate raspberry cookies from Veganomicon, I love that cookbook! Instead of raspberry flavour for the cookies I made them with a ginger preserve and made chocolate ginger cookies. I'm going to enjoy these in my lunch box in my first week at my new job!

Since the animal pics seemed to go down well yesterday I took a few more today :-)
Sleepy cat

Tia reading my blog haha

My two favourite boys!

How's everyone's core work going? Check out Laura's latest plank time.. hungover.. She has a stronger stomach than me! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


  1. awesome about the new gym! that's really exciting :)

    and my core work is non-existent at the moment. but it's okay in my book at the moment. hopefully my stomach doesn't go all flabby or anything haha

  2. How cool is that...a gym with lifts!

    BTW: My new training program has more core work...I figured I may as well get my trainier to make it part of my workout. :)

  3. Thats great news about finding a new gym, I really hope it all works out well for you. That cookie looks delicious! I have the veganomicon book as well but I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, so many to choose from! Thanks for my little shout out! I was proud to manage that with a dicky tummy and a head ache! x

  4. Good news about the gym. Chocolate ginger cookies sounds amazing, good thing you're packing your snacks as those 9bars would be tempting me and the amount they cost I'd be needing an extra job to suppliment my habit!

  5. Cheers for finding a new gym!! The cookies look very yummy....chocolate ginger...Mmmmm:) Good luck with the new job!!

  6. Whoo hooo on the new gym!

    Love the cookies!

    And I am doing more core than I was before, but I really need to add more! =)

  7. That's great that you have found a new gym home! I hope it's all you are looking for. Yum on those recipes!

  8. Hey Girlie!
    Heck Yes for finding a new gym...that is exciting! I can't wait to read how much you enjoy it! COOKIES!! YUM!
    I hope you are having a great start to your week!