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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Weekly Totals are Back!

I said I was bringing back the weekly totals, so here they are! They're a little low this week but they're going up anyway! I'm also going to add gymnastics into the mix as that's been taking over the push-ups, pull-ups and core a little bit since it works similar muscles.

Weekly Totals

Miles -5
Push-ups - 42
Chin-ups - 1
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 1
Gymnastics - 2

Now I know I can do better next week, especially with the running as the 10k plan begins on Monday with speedwork. I actually can't wait, I have a love hate relationship with speedwork which is slightly more loving and I haven't done any for what feels like a lifetime! I'm definately excited to get on the track :-)

p.s. That tabata workout has left me feeling beat up, I can barely lift my arms above my head thanks to those push-ups!

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