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Friday, 2 July 2010

First Day Back and Roxie

Today was my first day back training after the half! It was tough! I thought I felt fine before I started but I had a hard time back, I was puffing, panting and cursing all over the show! Here's the workout I did;

30s burpees
30s screw shots
30s star jumps
30s burpee variations (tuck jumps, 180 degree, sprawl and punchouts)
30s star jumps
30s chinnies

x 5 rounds with 30s rest between rounds

10 minutes of core

I can't wait to get back out running, I've planned my first run back for Sunday, I bought some new trainers today as my old ones have seen a lot of miles and are looking decidedly worn out. I'm looking forward to trying them out and hoping they suit my feet. I wore Reeboks before and my new ones are Aasics, they look like a similar style of shoe so fingers crossed they will feel good running. I got quite a bargain actually because I got them from the junior section! The same shoes in the adult section were over a tenner more expensive!

After I've had a month of fun running I've got some serious work! I'm doing a 10k on the 24th of October, training starts 1st August. I'm using the run less run faster plan and I'm really hoping to some good speed.

Just before I go, meet Roxie our new puppy, she's a German Shepherd Springer Spaniel cross and she's lovely!

Ignore Mike's slippers on my feet haha


  1. Oh hello Roxie. She is adorable!! Did you get her from a rescue in the end?? xx

  2. omg, roxie is tooo cute. and so is the name;-)

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww adorable!! and woot for new sneakers. i think i'm going to have to break down and buy new ones. even though spending the money hurts my feet LOVE slipping into a new pair

  4. Oh, so cute. Congrats on your new baby :)

  5. Roxie is so cute! Congratulations, and keep the photos coming please!
    Good luck with the new trainers!

  6. Awww adorable!
    I love my Asics...hope they work out for you.

  7. Hi Laura,
    You are right, Roxie is adorable:)

    Yesterday one of my college boy's friends came over to show us her new puppy. My four year old went crazy! He has been asking for a puppy non-stop:)

    OMG, I remember how I felt those few days after my first half marathon...not good! Way to get back into your workouts, the first ones back are always the hardest!

  8. Roxie is gorgeous! I have a pair of asics and they've been really good and lasted me ages

  9. Roxie is adorable! My kids want one super duper bad!

  10. Aww she's adorable! Good luck with the new shoes!