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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Boxing dilemma

Mike and I went back to our very first boxing gym today.. we thought we should give it a go because for the most part we were happy there, we trained regularly and enjoyed it, it's also a lot easier to get to from our house and would mean we would be out of the house for a shorter period of time giving us more time with the pets.

Warm up - jogging and stretching 15 minutes
Skipping 6 x 1.30 rounds 30s of alternative exercise in between
Heavy bag 6 x 2 minute rounds 20s rest
Sparring 5 x ?? minute rounds
Light dumbbell circuit x 3
Core work 15 minutes
Circuit 30s each station
  • Leg raises with medicine ball
  • Weighted lunges
  • Bag slams with medicine ball
  • Sit-ups with medicine ball
  • Medicine ball slams (above head to ground)
  • Chair dips
  • Lifting bag above head from shoulder to shoulder (could not think of a short or good way to describe that one...)
  • Alternate dumbbell press
  • Stair run
  • Raised push-ups (12.. jelly arm syndrome...)
Cool down.

I'm not sure we made the right descision today. All the old problems were still problems. I guess we should have known really... The sparring sessions which were always few and far between were out of control when you got it and today was no exception. They really let the lads go too rough on each other. I know boxing's not a gentle sport but someone with 15+ years of experience should not be allowed to go full force on someone who has not been boxing more than a few months and who is considerably lighter. This was always a problem at the club for the men, they were a lot more cautious with the girls so it never affected me but I didn't like to see it. It happened several times today and it shouldn't. I was put in with someone about 10+ years younger and 15-20kg lighter than me, that was fine because I didn't try to really hurt her (and she's a good little boxer) but it's not the case with a lot of the lads, put in my situation a certain few would have taken advantage and the coaches let them. Several times today I think the sparring should have been stopped. I don't really know what to do. I did love the place and have a huge soft spot for one of the coaches there but I think today just confirmed it's not the right place for us. Problem is now that we've been back and they will expect us to go back, it seems like a real let down to them if we go to another club, and they will know cause the boxing clubs are actually really gossipy!

Well that's my dilemma! I did enjoy the training today it was great to be back in the gym. but it bothers me that people really seem to be out to hurt or that their egos are so big they cannot tone it down and make it responsible and safe so others can enjoy and learn too.. Why do descisions have to get so complicated?!


  1. Oh Darn! That is frustrating! I hope you find the right gym for you guys soon! It seems like you never let anything get you always have the best workouts!

  2. It does sound like a tricky dilemma. I'm sure that what you decide will be the right decision, because it will be whats right for you. x