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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Good Run and Some Sushi

Yesterday Mike and I had planned to go to the track for our speedwork until we realised some money hadn't gone in to my account so we couldn't afford to go. Then we decided we'd do it on a field again with our garmins. We were all dressed and ready to go when I turned my garmin on to no battery! I must have left it turned on after I'd charged it... yes I can be that dizzy from time to time! After that we decided we may as well switch up the workouts, Mike would go first and do his long run then I would do mine.

Asside from my lack of headphones this run was pretty good! The first half was really tough but I got a really good second wind for the last 3-4 miles :-) I had to conciously slow down in the last half as I didn't want my legs to burn out and ruin the rest of my weeks workouts.

7 miles in 1.01.33 pace 8.48 (prescribed pace: long tempo, 8.53)
Mile 1 - 8.51
Mile 2 - 9.25
Mile 3 - 8.30
Mile 4 - 8.41
Mile 5 - 9.01
Mile 6 - 8.31
Mile 7 - 8.37

Today we did some boxing
1 round = 30s bag/30s lateral jumps x 2
x 10 rounds with 30s rest in between rounds.

This workout was messy! I was so sweaty haha

We made ugly sushi tonight! Has anyone made it before, we need some practice on presentation but it tasted lovely :-)

Sweet potato rolls and egg sheet rolls with cucumber and carrot

Cream cheese and roasted red pepper

Egg sheet rolls

Cream cheese and roast red pepper rolls

Sweet potato rolls

Yummy! We'll be making these again, but probably in slightly larger amounts since it was pretty labour intensive but is disappearing fast from the fridge!


  1. yay sweatyness. i know i'll complain about it but i love the feeling of sweating. it just makes me feel so hardcore.

    and very yummy sushi. i'm hungry just looking at your pictures!

  2. Great splits! Sushi looks good too and I don't even like sushi. I have never been a fan, in fact the only time I have EVER had any I like was at Yo sushi in London, I only think I likes it because it was on a conveyer belt.

  3. My Garmin battery pooped out today as well. So did I. Your sushi looks great!

  4. nice job w/the sushi! i'm impressed. The two times i attempted to make didn't look nearly as compact as yours;-)

  5. Sounds like a great run, well done! I've never made sushi before but I'd love to give it a go - however, I fear I'd eat it ALL the time!

  6. Your times are ace for you run! I think your sushi looks beautiful, well done for making it!

  7. well done on the run! the sushi looks brilliant, well done on making it, it looks fiddly to do!

  8. great run!!! and i think your sushi is beautiful! i loooooooooooooooove sweet potato sushi. mmm.

  9. I have never made sushi! Looks really good!