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Friday, 23 July 2010

Lots of Bits'n'Bobs

Well I've had a bit of a hectic week, it's amazing how busy you can get being jobless!

On Tuesday I had a meeting with my mentee, we were going to yoga but I also wanted to get a run in as I had a full day on Wednesday. I ran to meet her which was 2 miles, we then did 1hr 30 minutes of a yoga class. I wasn't a fan of the yoga, it was a beginners yoga class but it went a bit slow, I know it's not supposed to be fast though so maybe it's just not for me, I prefered doing it from a video anyway. After that I ran a legnthened 4 mile route home. I was surprised how tired I was, I expected to be able to do it a lot faster after the break in the middle but that wasn't the case!

6 miles in two parts total 53.00, pace 8.47
Part 1 - 2 miles
1.5 hours yoga
Part 2 - 4 miles

Mile 1 - 8.38
Mile 2 - 8.20
Mile 3 - 8.39
Mile 4 - 9.13
Mile 5 - 9.05
Mile 6 - 8.51

I think I've probably mentioned on here before that I was applying to study mental health nursing. On Wednesday I had a day long interview/selection process for the course. I only applied to one university and I kind of felt confident I'd get on because I easily had the qualifications required and I had experience both personal and through voluntary work. I found out on Thursday I did not get on. Gutted doesn't even come close, I cried my eyes out, I don't know what to do with myself career wise, there aren't any music jobs and I finally thought I'd found my calling. I felt the whole day went well but apparently there were only 20 places and a huge number of applicants. I don't know how huge! I've emailed asking for feedback as I've decided to apply for another university close enough to commute to but it's not ideal. It'll work if it gets me where I need to be though. I'm so upset though, I feel like I'd make a good mental health nurse and now I'm recovered fully from my eating disorder I felt I could turn that experience into a positive to help other people.. Oh well it's not over. I'm stubborn, I'll keep on trying and if it's meant to be it will happen.

Strength - density 20 minutes - as many push-ups, chin-ups, chair-dips and frog stands I could do in 20 minutes
Push-ups - 27
Chin-ups - 6 + 37 seconds hanging from the bar
Chair-dips - 43
Frog stand - 36 seconds in total

I felt so weak doing this workout, and that was before I got the bad news about the course! I still managed some core work for 15 minutes.

Finally, today I had my tempo run, let me tell you, it was horrible!! Why are they so horrible! I just don't know but they really take it out of me! I really struggled and even had to stop for a few moments during mile 2 when I was almost sick and embarrassingly dry heaved at the roadside for a little while whilst Mike propped me up! I'm not sure how I managed to acheive the pace, after the first two miles it felt entirely impossible!

5 mile tempo run 44.41, 8.57 minute pace overall (8.21 for the mid section)
1 mile slow 9.58
3 miles short tempo 8.23
1 mile slow 9.58
Mile 1 - 9.36
Mile 2 - 8.32
Mile 3 - 8.26
Mile 4 - 8.05
Mile 5 - 10.05

Well I'm going to go chill out and watch some tv now! We had quite a day today after the run as we found a stray dog, a west yorkshire terrier who was absolutely adorable but in need of a good bath and full groom. We sent him away with the dog wardens he will not be put down if no-one claims him (I wouldn't have let him go if that was a risk!). Anyway I totally fell for him. If no-one claims him we might well find ourselves with a little doggie! He was so sweet!


  1. Sorry to hear about the course, you have a great attitude though, don't give up I'm sure that it will come good in the end. I tend to believe that most things happen for a reason!That little dog sounds adorable, I would love a little dog, I'll have to make do with my new stuffed union jack doggy - I've called him winston ;-)

  2. Oh no, so sorry you didn't get in. Good luck with the other school!

    I rarely do tempo runs ... they tend to be accidental while running with faster people!

    How hard it is will vary with the weather and how you're feeling that day, so don't feel bad for struggling. Maybe on those days you just dial down the pace a tiny bit!

  3. ugh this has been a week from hell here too! ((hugs)) for missing out on that program. but you will succeed so keep your head up :)

  4. ugh, so sorry about the mental health university set back. ugh! I think with this economy a LOT of people are going back to school and applying for positions like this, so it makes it hard. you WILL get into a program though!!!!

    sending bloggy good vibes to you;-)

  5. That's a shame about uni. A few of my friends studied mental health nursing, I went to Paisley which has a huge nursing campus, and none of them stuck it out. Placements were spent rolling cigarettes for the patients and it was a very depressing job. Have you looked into going down the couselling route? I think nursing in the mental health area is a bit soul destroying because you're not in a position to really make a difference whereas counselling is rewarding as you can help. Another idea might be to shadow a mental health nurse for a couple of days and that will give you an edge at future interviews? Good luck!

  6. Sorry to hear it didn't work out this time for the mental health nursing. Was there a waiting list? Don't give up, maybe the program you do get in will be better suited to you. Life's often like makes better decisions than we do sometimes. BTW, I like the above suggestion, as a psychologist, I can tell you that couselling is a great area to really make a difference. Good luck with all that!

    As for the workouts...there are bad weeks and good worries :)

  7. Sorry to hear about the course :( Chin up and keep applying though. xx

  8. Sorry to hear you didn't get in. I can only imagine how down you must have been feeling. Great job with the runs though. I'm with you on the yoga. I want to like it, just can't seem to get into it though.

  9. Hi Laura,
    I am sorry to hear about the college course setback. I have every confidence that you will find what you are looking for:) Hang in there! Hugs and love:)

    I have had a few crappy runs lately too! Just chalf it up as character building...your next run will be better:)

  10. sorry to hear about the course! keep going though, you'll get there! whats for you wont go by you!