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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Running, Gymnastics and Boxing

How's everyone's weeks going? I've had a big change this week, I had to give up my job. I had been having less and less money every month and when I worked it out I was substantially worse off working than being on benefits.. I don't know what is going on there. The whole experience has been so stressful, I can't understand why the government make it easier to be on benefits than to be working. But anyway, enough of that! I have my interview to go back to uni to study mental health nursing on Wednesday. I really hope I get on the course, when Mike is a qualified social worker and I'm a qualified mental health nurse hopefully we won't have trouble finding work the way we have with our current qualifications.

Yesterday I had a good easy run. I resisted the urge to do a slow and fast one since my 10k training begins next week and I want fresh legs... I'm sure I'll be fed up of speedwork soon enough even though I'm missing it lately! Since my headphones broke in the half marathon I've been running without music and I hate it! Can't wait to get my music back on my runs.

5 miles in 49.02, 9.49 per mile
Mile 1 - 9.45
Mile 2 - 9.59
Mile 3 - 10.08
Mile 4 - 9.54
Mile 5 -9.17


  1. Sorry about the job but I'm hoping everything will work out nicely in the long run. My darn dogs still get me up to go out most nights and they're 10!

  2. Sorry to hear about the job - it sounds like its for the best anyway. Hope your interview goes well! I'm sure you'll be brilliant and get on the course x

  3. Hi there,
    Sorry about the job situation. ugh! i swear the economic job times are hittin' us all. It'll all work out though!!

    Have a great wknd!