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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Weekly Totals and Double Trouble

First off, I just want to say thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post, I've been feeling really down about it but the support from fellow bloggers has been great - you guys always cheer me up! I'm still waiting on my feedback but I'm not sure what the university want. I was talking to one of Mike's Mum's friends whose daughter applied for the paediatric course at the same place as me, despite having three years of experience working on a paediatric ward she did not get on but a hairdresser did. What do they want?? Who knows! I hope they let me know anyway! I'm going to look into doing a counselling course, I've seen one advertised starting in Sept which would be good. I still want to do the mental health nursing course but the more I can be doing now and the more experience I can be getting the better.

Weekly Totals

Miles - 16
Push-ups -27
Chin-ups - 6
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 1
Gymnastics - 1

I'm looking forward to getting my strength up a bit, those 27 push-ups were hard, I used to be able to do that all at once and then some!

Today we did a double workout! It was only supposed to be gymnastics plus a finisher, but we decided afterwards that the finisher was so tough it could be classed as a double!

Part 1 - Gymnastics
L-sit progression
Frog stand
Back lever progression

Part 2 - Power Circuit
10 x Burpees
10 x DB swings 7.5kg (5 e/a)
10 x Bodyweight squats
10 x Push-ups

I managed 5 rounds in 10 minutes, it was tough! I promptly collapsed in a sweaty heap when the buzzer rang at the end hehe.

Just before I go, I have an update on the stray dog we found, we coincidentally met it's owner. We were walking Roxie and we saw this woman with another yorkie (it was a yorkie not a westie... I got muddled). Anyway, she was effing and blinding at this poor dog cause it had followed her out and she turned and said to us, 'I had to pay effing 25 quid to get her mother out of the pound yesterday too'. My heart kind of sank a bit cause she's gone back to an owner who clearly had not been looking after her. The dog was literally less than 20 metres from her house when we found her and had been there for several days as when we were trying to find the owner a woman we spoke to said she'd seen it wandering around a few days ago. I can only hope that having to pay to get her dog out of the pound will prompt her to take better care of her in future. What a strange coincidence though! We didn't tell her we were the ones who had found her dog but in retrospect I kind of wish I had as we should have said we found your dog and if it had your address on the collar we could have brought it straight to you. But I didn't think of that and the way she was carrying on it maybe was best to keep my mouth shut!


  1. Oh no the poor pooch. She was maybe just having an off day. She wouldnt have paid for it to get out surely if she didnt love it?

  2. So sad about the pup! I'll bet that killed you to let her go back to that.

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  4. so sad about the dog. i'd have been heartbroken. very weird coincidence though.

    and great totals. you're doing great :) i forget though, are you training for a fall race?

  5. Hi Laura,
    I think that you are doing great with the training! Don't be so hard on yourself! I did a 100 push-up challenge this spring and it kicked my butt. I was able to do more than when I started but I never made it to 100. I wonder if I could do 27....most likely...not:)

    Sorry to hear about the puppy:( I feel so bad for you. Sending you hugs and love!

  6. Too bad about the puppy...some people shouldn't own pets. Strange coincidence indeed.

    Keep up the good work on your training!

  7. Poor dog, her owner doesnt sound very nice at all. Your doing so good with your training, well done!

  8. poor dog, not speaking your thoughts too yourself was probably the better option. GREAT WORKOUTS!