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Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Confidence Boosting Run

I had one of those runs today which totally reminded me why I love running! I think I'd borrowed someone elses lungs and legs! It just felt so effortless which was so good cause most of my runs lately have felt really hard!

It was my tempo run today, I skipped the warm up and cool down. I know I shouldn't have but I didn't want to be out ages... I tried my new headphones out today.. It was so good to run with music again but they are getting returned. They are awful, they don't fit at all and fell out so many times in the first mile. In the end I had them tucked under my glasses and my headband to keep them in place - they're sports headphones too.. Maybe my time can be attributed to the fact I was so mad at my headphones for most of the run, the first mile was spent mainly swearing under my breath and making a woman on a bike giggle... I must have looked a bit crackers.. oops!

5 miles in 52.00 average pace 8.24 (intended 8.32 - planned times in brackets)

Mile 1 - 8.42 (8.42)
Mile 2 - 8.32 (8.42)
Mile 3 - 8.30(8.32)
Mile 4 - 8.30 (8.22)
Mile 5 - 7.47 (8.22)

Mile 1, right on the button, I felt really good except for the headphones... Mile 2, not paying much attention to the watch, ended up 8.32, ok I'll run 3 at 8.32 and one at 8.22 and that will even out to 8.32, sometimes I feel like a running calculator.. Miles 3 and 4 I didn't even feel breathless! I had to make a consious effort not to speed off as I want to save my legs for my long run. Mile 5 - looked down at the watch about halfway through to see 7.58, erm how did that happen? Ok I'm going with it.. I expected it would probably slow a bit but with about a quarter mile left to go I thought I might as well speed up a bit. I finished with a big grin on my face and walked through the front door of my house to my tea on the table hehe, Mike has good timing!

This is the fastest I've ever run 5 miles :-) I love the plan I'm following, even though sometimes it feels too hard I'm definately improving! I'm definately getting better at not starting too fast too, that has been a real problem of mine in the past, I start so enthusiastically but burn out, not anymore, hopefully!

By the way, I've totally forgotten to photograph my food this week... I've made some lovely lunches but it would appear I'm too half asleep in the morning to photograph them before work! Maybe next week.. It's a good thing I'm not a proper food blogger haha


  1. Awesome girl. Love it when everything just clicks like that!

  2. what a great run! you were totally in the zone :) runs like that make me want to run all day every day :)

    and hahah to swearing for the whole first mile. i definitely have runs like that too

  3. Sweet! Bet you're buzzing :)

    I've found the best option for running is just a (cheapo) pair of earbuds. You know, the ones that stick right into your ears. 6 quid from regular electronics shops.

  4. I have to buy the ones that go over your ears or with clips usually as I have some piercings in those bits of my ears that prevent them from staying in! I'm so awkward haha

  5. Hey can I borrow those lungs and legs?
    Sorry about the headphones!

  6. Fantastic! I wish I could ru like you. It rally bothers me when headphones slip out! I like to pop them in then forget about them until I've finished the run/workout x

  7. Nicely.

    Some runs are inexplicably hard and others everything just feels 'right' and its not always easy to predict when they'll happen, but make the most of the good ones!

  8. Awesome times! Mile 5 is freaking fast - go you!

    As for headphones, the wireless walkman I reviewed for the blog is really fantastic and only £49 x

  9. Well done on those times they are awesome!

  10. I love those confidence boosting runs!! There is nothing like the high you get after one of those. And you're doing some cracking times at the moment, well done!! I'm still a bit of a turtle ;)

  11. Hi Laura,
    Woo hoo! It is so great when we have those fantastic runs! I had my perfect five miler on Wednesday night:) I have never felt so good running....ever! It has been cooler here and I am not sure if that is just helping me relax or what! You are really doing well and have speedy splits too! Keep it up Laura! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. hahah.. i also am glad i am not a "proper" food blogger- to me it's a pain to photograph food.

    great job with your run! sometimes having music really gets me going. glad you like your plan, too!!!! a good fit= great running!

  13. Wow well done you are so speedy!
    I used to have the ones that loop over the ears, but they annoyed me so much. Normal earbud style ones only stay in in the winter when I have my earband head warmer thing to hold them in place. Now for the summer I have seinheisser ones from amazon- there is a sold band that goes around the back of the head, and they loop over the ears. I have also convered Andy to them as they are really very comfy- the band at the back doesnt touch my head so its not annoying at all. I would highly recommend :)

  14. I had those seinheisser ones before and I wish I'd just bought those again cause I think that's what I'm going to do now! I was trying to be thrifty but it doesn't always work hehe! Thanks for the recommendation!