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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Boxing was awesome tonight! I got some really good sparring in and I felt really strong. I didn't get to spar both girls that came down though which was a shame. One of them stormed off before I got to spar her because someone had hurt her, I asked her to come back in with me but she didn't feel up to it. My coach said I would have took her down haha I like his confidence, I think she is a better boxer than me but I would have liked to test myself against her, it would be a real marker of how I've come on since moving clubs as her reach always caused me so much trouble before, I think I would have handled the reach tonight and it would have been competetive. Never mind, I hope they both come back some time soon.

My new guard position is working really well, I didn't really take any shots to the face or body, only one to the eye (which I think will be black tomorrow!!) but really that was my own fault as it was a rebound off my glove so I mustn't have had my guard high and strong enough for that to happen. But I'm happy that was the only thing to go wrong tonight, as I was trying out a new guard I expected a lot more kinks to iron out, and I'm sure stuff will appear over time but for now it was good!

The only major criticisms my coach had for me tonight was that I was showing too much respect and too little aggression. I was finding it hard to be aggressive as I was sparring someone who I knew was nervous and I didn't want to take advantage. I probably should have upped the level a bit though, she is a good boxer she just doesn't have enough confidence in herself, I know she can take my shots cause we used to spar all the time.. I know in a fight this wouldn't be a problem cause I wouldn't have the attatchment as a friend to my opponent, they would just be my opponent so I wouldn't feel any urge to hold back.

I think my fitness has improved, the running must be doing the trick! After the end of the first round I wasn't out of breath at all. That has NEVER happened before! I was so surprised and so pleased! I think it was in part to do with the fact I was trying to box more inteligently and I was picking my shots more carefully, a lot of the time before I have just gone out and thrown masses of punches which can be effective but it's very tiring and I'm probably landing equal amounts just by picking my shots and countering.

My coach told me I should be having my medical on Friday which means all going well I'll be fighting in April. Exciting!!

PM - Boxing
Warm up - 15 minutes of jogging, stretching and plyometrics
Skipping - 4 x 2 minutes
Heavy bag - 4 x 2 minutes
Shadow boxing - 3 x 2 minutes
Sparring - 5 x 2 minutes
Cool down - 10 minutes

*included 23 push-ups (I joined the circuit for about 3 stations)

Right, I'm off to read some of your blogs and chill out now! Need to come down off this high so I can sleep tonight haha, I love how good a good sparring session can make you feel though :-)


  1. i love that you have to be aggressive out there. That would just feel so, so cool to work on...and it'd be hard for me, which would make it all the more rewarding to attempt.
    love it!

  2. congrats! you sound like youre making leaps and bounds. i think it would be hard for me to be really aggressive too. maybe think about a really stupid/ignorant person in your life?! haha

  3. I can imagine how hard it would be to box with a friend. I bet I'd be less aggressive as well. Ouchie hope the black eye isn't too bad. You'll look mighty tough though!
    Glad the running is paying off!

  4. Sounds like your doing so well! Its great when you can see that your hard work is paying off and seeing a difference in your fitness and technique.

  5. Your comment about not being aggressive is probably a female trait...I know I've apologized to people in the middle of a swim during triathlons for bumping into them. It's a race, come on, get over it! But anyhow, glad you are feeling so fit. Keep up the good work!