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Friday, 19 March 2010

A mystery parcel and strength workout

I got a great parcel yesterday morning!! The lovely people at Natural Balance Foods sent me some bars to try out! And what a stash they sent too! We ripped open the box and shared a berry cheeky and cashew cookie before we went to do our strength workout. I also tried one of the trek flapjacks, the cherry one after the workout, a girls gotta get her protein in post strength work (plus I really wanted to try it)! Look at what they sent me, I can't wait to try all this lot!!

That box contains two trek flapjacks, one cherry one oat, three trek bars, mixed berry, peanut oat and cocoa brownie, four flavours of raisins, cherry, orange, lemon and pineapple, big and little nakd bars in berry cheeky, apple pie, cocoa loco and banana bread and nakd nudies in cashew cookie, cocoa orange, ginger bread and pecan pie.... Wow! I'm so excited to try all these flavours :-) Thanks for such a generous package Natural Balance!

Berry Cheeky

ummm I think I need a haircut!! or at least to straighten it before posing for daft pictures!

Here's what we thought;
It had a really nice taste of the strawberrys and raspberrys
It tasted fresh
It was good workout fuel - didn't make me feel sick even though I'd eaten it right before, that's a biggie for me, most things I eat don't agree with me if I eat them too close to the workout, will test another bar before my run today!
Great ingredient list - Dates (39%), Oats, Mixed Nuts (14%) Raisins (13%) Apple Juice, Raspberries (2%) Strawberries (1%), Natural Flavouring.

Cashew Cookie

It had a really nice cashew taste
It was quite cake like more than a bar
It was very moreish - tasted a lot naughtier than it was!
It was also good workout fuel, see berry cheeky review!
Another great ingredients list - Cashews (51%), Dates (49%) - I can't believe that's all that's in the bar!

Trek Cherry Flapjack

It was nicer than any flapjack I've had before (was only going to have half but ate the whole thing...that says it all hehe)
The cherry raisins were lovely, I can't wait to try them in my breakfast
The ingredients list was not quite as good as the Nakds as it has some added sugar and oils but it's got better ingredients than other flapjacks and has the bonus of lots of protein
It kept me full for ages
I will definately buy this again

Strength Work
Dumbbell Lunges - 2 x 12 25kg (go up in weight next week)
Dumbbell Clean and Press - 1 x 2, 1 x 1 10kg (+1.5kg from last week)
Dumbbell Bent Over Row -2 x 5 15kg (+1.5kg from last week)
Dumbbell Bench Press - 2 x 8 8.5kg (+1kg from last week)
Dumbbell Curl - 4 x 2 7.5kg (+0.5kg from last did it make it so much harder?!)
Barbell Wrist Curl - 50 reps 20kg
Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl - 40 reps 11kg
Neck Curl - 50 reps 10kg

The strength workout wasn't too great today, I tried adding weight in most exercises and my body just wasn't feeling it on some of them, especially the clean and press, I only added 1.5kg and went from 2 x 8 reps to 2 then 1! Maybe I should have gone 9.5kg before 10kg.. I used to clean and press 15kg when I did a lot of weights a few years ago, can't believe 10kg feels so hard now!

Mike and I got a bit snappy happy after taking the bar pictures and decided to take some pics during our strength routine, the camera ran out half way through though so I only have a pics of the first few exercises... please ignore my weight lifting face haha... not the most attractive look I've ever sported!

Setting up the weights

Lunges (I have weights in both hands)

Clean and Press

Bent Over Row

...and then the camera decided it had had enough!

Well I'm off to get some breakfast, think I'm going to be trying some of those flavoured raisins in it! It looks like a lovely day for a run today, so glad spring is here!


  1. The bars look great and so do you! Nice workout!

  2. Those bars look great!...jealous of your freebies...
    Great workout..I am so slacker in my weight workouts.

  3. I love nakd and trek bars there fab! I wish I had some space like that for working out, my measly little dumbells are in the corner of my living room - I'm going to have to start using my dad's garage soon!

  4. love the photos!!!!!! the bars look really yummy. hooray for freebies :) what is the protein source in the flapjacks? soy?

  5. Those bars look awesome! Love the ST pics too. dang girl, that is a great set up!
    Happy Friday!

  6. Wow how lucky are you?! I have only tried a few of the bars but have loved the ones I have. I'll need to get more next time I am in the city. Will be following your recommendations on which to try next!

  7. Oh am SO NOT jealous of your nakd bars etc haul *mutters darkly* I think I've loved all of their stuff but it works out so expensive to buy that I'm more into making bars these days. Always keep a few bars in reserve though for stress head moments ;) Cocoa loco and cocoa orange are definitely my fave, rampant chocoholic that I am ...nom nom.

    It's weird how some days your body will let you lift more and then others it's just like "meh not feeling it today, love". Suppose we just have to go with the flow!

  8. jealous of your package! i got one today but it was only running shoes. which was nice but not as cool as yours ahah

    and hardcore pictures! you go girl :)