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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Vegan English breakfast

I just found these pictures on my computer from my old flat with Mike when we experimented making healthy hash browns to go with a healthy vegan 'fry' up breakfast.
Hash browns
Grated potatoes
Egg replacer
Salt and pepper

Grate your potatoes, I did mine in the food processor so it was quick and easy since I was doing so many I figured the washing up would be worth it! I then made up some egg replacer by the instructions on the packet and added just enough to hold the potatoes together. I then seasoned the mixture and cooked in the oven on a baking sheet until crispy.
Also on the plate is baked beans, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and some homemade grilled sausages, no recipe for those as they were not my greatest concoction! Yum yum!!

Looking back on these pictures I'm so grateful for the kitchen I have now, it's about three-four times the size of the kitchen in the old flat, cooking is so much more fun, we can both fit in with ease, which we couldn't in the tiny flat kitchen!

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday, I'll be back later after boxing.. hopefully we're going although we haven't sorted a lift yet!! I really need to learn how to drive!


  1. ooh, these are makin' me hungry;-)

  2. homemade hashbrowns? yummy! have fun boxing today!!

  3. Yummy breakfast!
    Our flat in the UK was tiny...and they'd shut off the water without notifying us...oh the memories!

  4. oooh i really want brunch now!!! i added you to my google reader so i can follow along with your posts :)

    nice job on your intervals from your last post!!! speed work is so satisfying sometimes. and Glee- i've heard such good things!! i should sit down and watch it :)