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Monday, 16 August 2010

Bloggy Award

I can't remember if I mentioned the job interviews I was having last week and this week for some care homes.. I found out about both of them today, I actually got offered both of the jobs! I couldn't believe it. I've taken the one which is closest to my house and seems to be better experience for mental health nursing. I'm really looking forward to starting, I'm a little nervous of course, but in a good way!

I didn't do any running today, I was supposed to be meeting my mentee for a jog but she didn't show up and didn't answer her phone.. I hope she's ok. It worked best for me in a way because I've pulled a muscle in my right calf I think.. It might be just sore I'm not sure, all I know is it hurts to walk so running wasn't a good idea really, I was glad to rest it in the end. Fingers crossed I can run tomorrow, I've decided to have a light running week this week to give my legs a bit of recovery, Mike is doing the same, we both feel like our legs are a bit battered! We'll be back on the programme next week.

Laura @ Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish and Neen @ Broad Bean to Runner Bean both kindly gave me this award :-)
Here are the rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
  • Let your nominees know about the award.
  1. I love Disney, my family used to go on holiday to Florida every year and I have very fond memories of the place.
  2. I have tattoos on each hip, my back and shoulder, I'll probably get more!
  3. One day Mike and I would like to open a safe house for people with mental health difficulties where we have an office and the residents have their own rooms and independance but lots of support.
  4. We'd also love that house to have a room spare so if people were stuck for a night we could help them.
  5. I'd also love to be able to have a home for animals in need, I wish I had loads of money so I could just do voluntary work for the rest of my life!
  6. When I was about 16 I considered becoming a body piercer and actually worked in a body piercing shop but never pierced anyone, I just sold jewellery and greeted people.
  7. I want to move to Germany one day, or maybe America, or maybe both, at different times of course!
I nominate...
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They might not be new blogs but they're new to me!


  1. Congrats on getting BOTH jobs! That is awesome!!

  2. congrats on the jobs! what a great position to be in!

  3. Oh congrats on the job. That's great. I wish I had just a ton of money and time to foster dogs or at least be able to donate to rescue groups. I do donate to the place where we got one of our pups, but not nearly as much as I wish I could.

  4. Congrats on the Job/s!;-)

    and fun to read your list. You and Mike just seem like really, really good people. It's nice to see there's ps like you out in the world;-)

  5. Congrats on the jobs!! :) ...and on the awards. Cool list.

  6. Good to know more about you!
    Congrats on the jobs!! Have a peaceful recovery for that leg!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the award :) I will try to post about it soon.

    I loved reading your about page and your 7 facts. I used to work in mental health nuring (for 3ish years) and truly loved it. In fact, I miss it often. However, the great thing about being a general nurse is that I will come across and be able to help plenty of people with mental health problems. Oh, and we want to move to america one day too :)

  8. EXCELLENT news about the job/s well done chicky!
    your 7 facts are really interesting, i love that you want to open an MH safe house! thats so comendable!

  9. Great news about the jobs!! :) I would love to be able to afford to be a volunteer coordinator for a dog rehoming charity. We recently got cleared to adopt a german shepard (Z man needs a girlfriend!) xx

  10. Yey for the job news thats brilliant! I hope it all goes well for you. You and Mike must be very charitable people to have those kind of aims, its wonderful :-)

  11. Congrats on the job! I'd love to move to America!

  12. Both jobs, WOW! That's Awesome. If you ever want to move to America we can swap I'd rather live in the UK.