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Friday, 20 August 2010

Farm Shop and Cafe

As some of you might have read on twitter my mum took me, mike, my gran and my grandad out to lunch today to celebrate my new job! We went to a farm shop/cafe which boasted locally sourced produce.

This was near our table, looks like someone composed it for the cafe, had to take a pic even though I couldn't get the right angle... well not without climbing on the table and I have a feeling that would have been frowned upon...

I got the mozarella and tomato sandwhich with basil, unfortunately the bread was buttered, I can't stand buttered bread, or buttered anything, I think it stems back to primary school dinners where they spread it on super thick! I didn't ask for it not to be buttered as I didn't expect it to come buttered so I did my best to wipe it off with my napkin... probably looking a little loopy in the process but who cares!
Here's a close up, I wish there had been more basil, I love fresh basil! All the salad andstuff was locally grown and available to buy in the shop which was cool.
Mike had a cheese and mushroom omelette with local free range eggs.
The only picture of me... I don't know why I pull silly faces in front of the camera... I'm drinking scrummy green tea, I love green tea with meals. I liked the cake painting on the wall too however I couldn't snap a pic of it without sitting on someone's knee so that's all I got hehe

The outside was really nice too, they have little holiday lodges for sale, Mike and I both agreed we could easily have lived in one!
Mum, gran and grandad outside the cafe, isn't it cute!
I love wooden buildings!

We had a really nice time! Afterwards we dropped the boys off and had a girly shopping trip, I didn't really buy anything but it was fun!

I ended up taking a rest day today, we had a bit of a stressful night last night, I don't really want to go into details on the blog in case anyone stumbles accross it who I wouldn't want to read it.. Plus I don't want to be all doom and gloom! But anyway we were both a bit tired and stressed and decided to take a rest.

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  1. looks like a really great day! lovely picture of you, i especially like the sparkler on your ring finger heh heh! sounds like a loverly well deserved rest day!

  2. I guess I need to be following you on twitter. What a cute little place. I am with you on buttered bread too. And thanks for sharing your story ;-)

  3. what a great day! totally awesome way to celebrate. congrats again on the job :)

  4. What a delightful place and a wonderful day well done you on the new job x x

  5. That looks like an adorable cafe! Congratulations on the job!

  6. Happy lunch celebration! love it! thx for sharing the pics.

    I get to feel like im in London;-)

  7. Ooh I owuld love to have a place like that near me. When I was away a few weeks ago we went to somewhere really similar and I nearly bought them out of peaches and veg! Hope you guys are feeling better today x

  8. Glad you had a good day, hope what ever was/is stressing you out, get sorted.

  9. Ooh the cafe looks lovely, I love the idea of being able to eat more locally produced food! Hope that whatever was stressing you is sorted x

  10. What a great little place to celebrate...Congrats once again btw! :)

  11. Laura that restaurant looks so cute! I gotta say, buttered bread for a sandwich does seem a bit odd. I would have wiped it off too!