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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fun Run

After being tired and having a slight pulled muscle I had a few days off running. It was good to be back today though! I also enjoyed not having a plan to follow for once, not having a set pace or distance and not having to worry. Don't get me wrong, I love following a plan, and I love the challenge it provides but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when things don't work out to plan, as they so often don't! The 10k plan I'm following at the moment is very focussed on speed, which is great as I want to get faster. But today I enjoyed just running, no looking at my pace on the garmin, no feeling crappy that I wasn't running sub 9 min/miles, just running along and enjoying the scenery and the me time. I found a new route too with more hills than usual which is awesome as I want to include more hill work, good all round!

I ended up covering 4 miles in 39.09, average pace of 9.47
Mile 1 - 9.59
Mile 2 - 10.02 (biggest hill)
Mile 3 - 9.28 (longest downhill)
Mile 4 - 9.39

I wanted something sweet today and didn't have anything in the house that I fancied, cue kitchen experiments! Chocolate and vanilla tofu mousse is born! I don't really have a proper recipe cause I just threw it all in and hoped for the best, but I'll give you a rough idea... First blend up some silken tofu.
While your blending your tofu mix up some vanilla custard and try not to do what I did and forget about it while your melting the chocolate.... Ooops!
Melt the chocolate over a bain marie and mix all three together (custard, choc, tofu)
Drizzle with some melted chocolate if you're feeling fancy and then set in the fridge.
They turned out really nice, even Mike liked them, and that's saying something cause his sweet tooth is non-existant!
Ok, off to watch the film we tried to watch the other night.. I fell asleep.. I'm so predictable! Better luck tonight perhaps...


  1. Ooh that looks delish! Enjoy the film!

  2. Am in awe of your dessert making abilities!

    I know exactly what you mean about running to a plan. It can be so stressful sometimes, always chasing paces. I've started running my easy sessions without the Garmin, for precisely that reason. But even just doing it once in a while can be so freeing.

    Glad the leg is feeling better too. Niggles are scary :(

  3. OH MAN. One of those pots please. :gets spoon:

  4. Yum! Except for the mess part, of course!

    Thought of you today as I was walking back from the pool here in Australia--a group ran by with boxing gloves on!

  5. I agree, sometimes it's just about the running not the time, distance, anything. Good job. And interesting idea of the mousse.

  6. yummy :) and i ALWAYS fall asleep when movies are on. such a bad habit as i tend to actually want to watch them hah

  7. Glad your leg is feeling good, and great that you enjoyed your run, sometimes its good to get back to basics and just enjoy something for what it is! rather than the constant focus. dessert looks lush! well dont on the creation!

  8. Sometimes its great to just run - especially if its after a couple of days rest.

    What was the film?

    I've got 'Precious' to watch tonight. 90% sure I'll blub like a big girl's blouse.

  9. Hi Laura,
    I know exactly what you mean about being tired all the time...welcome to my life:) We all need to rest so I think that you did the right thing by taking a little break.

    Mmmm, you little cooking experiment...mousse is one of my favorites:) Happy Friday Laura!

  10. I love anything with silken tofu and that mousse looks devine!

  11. That mousse looks delicious! Yum!


  12. look how cool your mousse looks! i'm impressed;-)

    happy Friday friend!

  13. That chocolate dessert looked lovely thanks for sharing.