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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Headstands and Boxing

I had planned a run today but I decided to put it off to tomorrow since it's been blowing a gale outside today. I don't mind rain but wind really annoys me and since I can still fit in my three planned runs by putting it off I decided that was best. Now it will probably be just as windy tomorrow knowing my luck hehe! I'm really looking forward to running, I've got loads of nervous energy at the moment and I think a run is just the release I need to get it out!

The other reason I held off the run was because Mike really wanted a gymnastics partner. We did all our usual stuff except instead of handstands I decided to do headstands... I'm still not progressing on the handstands and I'm hoping the headstands will help me get used to being upside down and will help me get the core stregnth I need to stabilise myself... Time will tell!

We did a horrible finisher today!
30s heavy bag - 30s burpees - 30s heavy bag - 30s burpees - 30s rest repeat 3 times.

Ouch! My legs are going to be sore tomorrow! Getting some bag work in was good though, I love doing gymnastics with a boxing finisher, good combo of stregnth and conditioning.

After we'd finished we made some lunch. I had some wholemeal toast with baked beans and nutritional yeast mixed in. It tastes just like cheesy beans but so much healthier, it's high in B vitamins and protein. Perfect with a big dollop of ketchup!

I also finally got round to trying one of Jag's protein frappucinos. I love the idea but I think I need to try it with some better protein powder, I used plain Holland and Barrett soya protein and tried to sweeten it myself and I just couldn't get past the protein aftertaste.
Then I chilled out on the sofa with Roxie :-)
Tia hasn't been on the blog much lately...
So I caught her doing what she does best..

What are you doing with that camera??
Hope everyone's had a great weekend! What are your plans for the week?


  1. I have not heard of nutritional yeast- is it like marmite or something?
    Fingers crossed that it is less windy tomorrow!
    As for the week- garden centre tomorrow (yes, really), and then some work.

  2. wind is definitely annoying. but good resistance training if i can motivate myself to get out the door in that weather hah!

    great workouts and revel in that soreness tomorrow :)

  3. The nutritional yeast is similar to marmite nutritionally but it tastes nothing like it. People seem to describe it as cheesy and nutty but I only really taste the cheese in it!

  4. Hey girl - I hear you on running in the gusting wind. Totally sucks. Hope tomorrow pans out though. Hope you have a great Monday!

  5. I hate wind too--the worst element of them all! Love the kitty pictures!

  6. First, I have to say that your dog is adorable (and your cat too!)
    And secondly, I think it is SO FREAKIN COOL that you box! This is my first time reading your blog. I've been wanting to learn how to box for at least 6 months now! Is it really hard on your body (I mean in a good work out sort of way?) Does it work your upper body as much as your lower?

  7. Tell me about that wind, its been awful! Love the pic of you and roxy, so cute!

  8. Hey Laura, great workout, hear you about the wind, especially if your going up hill and it's pushing you back down!

  9. Ahhhh what a beautiful cat! I love them, I find our cats so theraputic x

  10. I hate the wind too - it was really bad on Saturday and I was so *angry* all the way through my run! Wasted energy in two respects! :D I hope it's calmer for you today. Though doesn't sound like it from where I'm sitting right now...

  11. Hope you get your run in today! I'm debating whether to swim or gym . . .

    I love that picture of your cat with her eye open!

  12. Totally agree with everyone, the wind is the worst element! So frustrating!!

    Stacey, so glad you found my blog, boxing is amazing for an all round workout, you can push yourself really hard! You should definately give it a go, you'll probably get hooked like I did!!

    Glad everyone loves the pet pics, they're such a huge part of my life so I love sharing them on the blog :-)

  13. I really need to try nutritional yeast...cheesy beans are awesome and I'm guessing this way would be much lower in calories/fat than actual cheese although I've never looked up the nutrition stats...

    Totally agree with the wind. I try not to fight it but it's still such an energy sucker!

    - CJ

  14. Yeah it's a lot lower in fat and cals than cheese and tastes just as good IMO, I got mine at an independant health food store but I think you can get it online too.