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Monday, 30 August 2010

Goody Good Stuff Part Two

As promised here's the rest of the Goody Good Stuff review. I'm loving the sweets, I don't think I could have them in the house all the time, far too tempting hehe.. For those who wanted to know where you can get the sweets from currently you can get them online at Planet Organic, I think they are trying to get them into shops though. They're 99p a bag but I'm not sure about postage.

Koala Gummy Bears (vegetarian)

Love the texture and flavour of these, they taste just like I remember as a child which I haven't experienced with any other veggie gummies. They always seem a little off with the flavour and texture whilst these have it just right. It's hard not to eat the whole bag in one sitting ha!

Tropical Fruit Salad (vegetarian)

These are great too, the banana flavour sounds so bizarre but it actually tastes really good, not as good as the green melon flavour though, yum!!

Sour Fruit Salad (vegan)

Great flavours in these too, for me the sour sugar could be tangier, I love it when it's really screw your face up sour! But that's not really a complaint just personal taste.

Cola Breeze (vegan)


Right off for my run... It's not looking good, Mike just got home from his and apparently there's strong wind in every direction... Oh well, there's no more putting it off hehe, hope it doesn't slow me down too much..


  1. I wasn't a fan pf the banana flavour but then I've not found a banana flavoured product I liked yet! I think I just love actual bananas too much! I loved every other flavour though. Enjoy your run!

  2. The sour ones look yummy! x

  3. hah those are so cute and look great! i've never had veggie/vegan gummies before.

  4. Just think of it as resistance training ;-)

  5. They say vegan/veggie but i pretty sure i saw a bird in one of those pictures.....

  6. I am such a sucker for gummies!! I have been staying away from them for a while though which has been good!

  7. these look so good! i want to try some! i love jelly sweets!