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Monday, 2 August 2010

Me and Intervals aren't Friends at the Moment..

I think I've been doomed so far with my favourite interval workouts!
  • The first interval workout was foiled by a school sports day,
  • The second we had planned on doing on a field but dead battery garmin lead to us swapping the run with our long run with the plan on doing our intervals later in the week, cue tonsillitis getting in the way.
  • Today I had the third mishap as I couldn't finish my workout, or keep pace, I just felt dizzy and breathless and decided to stop after three 800's - I think this is still naughty tonsillitis foiling my plans!
So today I was looking forward to my 5 x 800m, as much as someone could anyway ;-) On the plan this week was 5 x 800 @ 3.47 with 400m RI. Here's what I did;

1 mile warm up 9.51
800m 3.41
800m 3.48
800m 3.51
1.5 mile walked cool down

3 miles in total, excluding the walking. Well, it's better than nothing - here's to a good interval session next week!


  1. hope you have a great week!

  2. oh no to the interval workout! way to keep at it though. you'll get through it next week :)

  3. Don't stress about the intervals! You will get it next time....we all have off days:)

  4. even the 3 800's you got done will make a difference. You're body will step up that fast. Intervals are hard but the payoff is great. Nice job!

  5. ah, Mr. Interval Man will be your friend again soon;-)

  6. You're doing well to train at all so soon after being ill! Seriously, if you rush things you'll find yourself back in bed watching daytime TV again :-(.
    If they were so easy you could do them straight off after being sick, they wouldn't be doing you any good - so 3 x 800 is WAY better than nothing!

  7. Glad you finally got your intervals in - although it sounds like your body hasnt fully recovered from your illness, I'm sure you'll have a brilliant session next week!

  8. Hopefully next week will be better! Great job getting out there!

  9. You got out there and that's great! Hope next week you and intervals get along better ;)

  10. getting something done rather than nothing is ALWAYS good, give yourself a pat on the back, you should feel like a hero for getting out there so soon after being ill x

  11. YOU DID GREAT!!!!
    Next time will even be better!

  12. Sounds like a pretty good workout to me for someone who's probably still a bit under the weather!