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Saturday, 7 August 2010

It's Been a While..

I never seem to post on here when I've not been training, and I was still feeling a bit rough after my intervals I haven't done much this week, training anyway! Been fairly busy otherwise! I did a talk at SEED, the ed group on Wednesday about my recovery. I was pretty nervous but it seemed to help the people there and they were really grateful that I'd talked about my experience and that made it so worth doing. I also found out about a conference on treating ED's and I'm thinking about going, if I do get on the mental health nursing course I would really love to specialise in eating disorders and that is likely an area I would do my dissertation on so it could be really useful, but it's over 100 pounds which is a lot of money to me at the moment.. Not sure if it's worth it...

On Friday I was supposed to do my 7 mile tempo run... let's rewind to Thursday night.... We went to one of our old student haunts as Mike's grandad was doing a poetry reading there and after he went home we got rather drunk.... All night I was still doing the tempo run but come Friday, I wasn't doing the tempo run, I haven't got drunk in a looooooooooooong time and I felt rough as anything! I did manage something though - just!

10 DB woodchoppers
10 DB squats
5 push-ups
30 lateral jumps

x 8 rounds in 12 minutes

Not nearly a tempo run but better than nothing! I still got my tempo in, I did it today, I normally take Saturday as a rest day but I've had plenty of rest this week and the week wasn't going by without my tempo!

Tempo Run
1 mile warm up (10.02)
2 miles short tempo (8.33, 8.12)
1 mile easy (10.53)
2 miles short tempo (8.36, 8.13)
1 mile cool down (9.58)

1.04.27 ave pace 9.13

Tempo runs are sooo hard! I can't believe how much effort they seem to take out of me, this felt a lot harder than my last 7 miler and that one was a fair bit faster than this one at 8.48 per mile.

I tried a go energy gel in the middle mile. Not a fan! I've never tried a gel before and I didn't like the taste... plus I'm not convinced it really helped me.. Anyone else from the uk had the go gels before? What do you think? I got it free in my half marathon packet but I don't think I'll get them again, I preferred the coconut water.

Weekly Totals
Miles - 10
Push-ups - 40

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend!


  1. Good for you for speaking at SEED!
    I had coconut water today too--good but not so much when it got really warm.

  2. Sounds like things are going well at seed, you would be so perfect doing a job in mental health nursing and specialising in ED's I hope it all works out for you somewhere along the line. I haven't tried the gels before - I think I'm going to try taking a few dates out with me for energy on longer runs instead x

  3. Way to go with the tempo run even if it was a day late! I think it's great that you have an idea of a direction to go with your career. It's so important to do something that you're passionate about!