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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Weekly Totals, Monthly Recap and Roxie

Thanks for all the get well messages, I think they've been working cause I'm feeling much better! I thought I'd put my weekly totals up anyway cause I got a bit of work in before I was took down by the dreaded lurgy as my dad would say..

Weekly Totals
Miles - 7
Push-ups - 50
Chin-ups - 0
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 0
Gymnastics - 1

I'm hoping to be back running tomorrow as although I'm still on antibiotics I think I'm ok to train again :-)

July Recap
Complete half marathon (current 4 miles) Half marathon: done!
One mile in >7.30 (current 7.55) was 6.52 - New goal>6.30 if possible before the end of the year! Not tested this month.
Two miles in >15.30 minutes (current 16.23) 15.24 - new goal >15 not tested this month
5k in > 25.00 (current 25.08) not tested this month.
Four miles in >35 minutes (current 35.47) 34.49 during a 6 mile run! New goal > 34.30.
Five miles in > 43.00 (43.40)
10k in > 52.30 (current 52.56)

Monthly Totals - July
Miles 36
Push-ups - 169
Chin-ups - 7
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 3
Gymnastics - 6

Now all my numbers are out of the way here's some Roxie pictures... We took her to the park yesterday and she loved running around. There's quite a few so this is the end if you don't want to look at them!

Her ear popped up for a second, it might have been the wind but she looked so cute we managed to get a picture :-)

Let me out...!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better!
    Roxie is adorable, I love the bathroom photos especially - they don't hide it when they're not happy do they???

  2. awwww roxie is soooooooo cute! love the pictures :)

    glad you're feeling better! and great month. can you believe another month has flown by?!

  3. I'm so jealous of you having Roxie, I would love to have a little dog but it wouldnt be fair to one cooped up in a little flat and with us out all day. She is so cute! Well done on all your achievements this month!

  4. Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. It is good news to hear that you are on the mend:)

    Oh my gosh, Roxie is so adorable:) Everytime you post pictures of her I can't help but smile! One of these days I am going to cave when my little guys asks for a dog!

    Have a wonderful week Laura!

  5. YEah, that you're feeling better;-) and i think there's a lotta doggy blogs out there that would also love your doggy and enthusiasm!

  6. glad your feeling better hun! Roxy is adddorable!! x