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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Longest Run...

...Since I ran my first half marathon...

I was nervous for this run! It was windy, I saw several big fallen branches!! Hello winter. Also, I still haven't bought new headphones and I was slightly intimidated by the pace I was supposed to run this at. Never before have I managed 9 miles in under a 9 minute pace, 9.02 per mile for my fastest 9 miles. This was supposed to be at my long tempo pace of 8.53 per mile... I didn't quite make it but I wasn't too far off. Next long run is 10 miles at long tempo... I don't think I'm gonna make it!! I'll give it a good go though!

9 miles 1:20:11 average pace 8.55
Mile 1 - 8.46
Mile 2 - 9.18
Mile 3 - 8.33
Mile 4 - 8.51
Mile 5 - 9.21
Mile 6 - 8.49
Mile 7 - 9.08
Mile 8 - 8.49
Mile 9 - 8.38

I meant to do Lacey's negative splits idea but I totally forgot and set out too fast.. Might give them a go for the terrifying 10 miler! I'm not sure I dare leave all my fast miles to the end of the run but I have two 10 milers in the plan I'm following so if I miss my pace on this one I can (hopefully) rectify it on the next!

Can't believe I ran for 1 hour 20 minutes without music... That was tough! I must buy some new headphones soon as the tempo run this week is also 9 miles, minus music noooooooooooo!

Hope everyone's enjoyed the bank holiday today :-)


  1. that's a lot of 9s! great job. and holiday?! ummmm not over here! i want one haha

  2. That is fast! Well done you- take a minute to realise what your body has done for you because that is actually quite amazing!

  3. Thanks guys, and Jo, you're right! I get too caught up in the numbers sometimes!

  4. Great run!! That's an awesome pace :)

  5. Wow! you must be so happy! Well done :-)

  6. Thanks guys :-) I'm sore today haha

  7. Your speed is just amazing, I can't imagine ever running that fast. Well done!

  8. I bet you will do Laura, you just keep getting faster and faster!

  9. Wow super speedy indeed!
    I found it windy yesterday which meant my speed went up and down very much!
    You did well to run without listening to anything- I love either music (or recently) podcasts to keep me going.
    :) Maria

  10. great job!!!!!!!!!!! it is a long time to be running!! i like the speed mix-in b/c it keeps you occupied (and music does the same thing). but you rocked it!! and lol for starting fast-- that's my usual MO too... just ready to get GOING and get it done, but then it sets in there's a lotta miles to go... hehehe. you did awesome!

  11. nice job chica;-)

    and even better job sans the music. I actually think it's way better for your run/form to ditch the music when you can. but it took a while to be able to say/appreciate that;-)

  12. Nice work girlfriend! I only wish there were a bank holiday for those of us across the pond!

  13. Woot woot! Go you :D Um, an hour and 20 minutes without music?! I would DIE. Music is my motivation ;)

  14. Hi Laura,
    That is an awesome time for a 9 miler! You kept up a speedy pace! Keep it up:)